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Enhance leadership skills at Life Pacific University’s MA Residency Week Open Sessions: A day of enrichment and professional development.

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Dr. Catherine Hart Weber

Wednesday, January 10 | 9 am-12 pm

Topic: Leadership from Within: Nurturing the Leader’s Inner Life to Flourish in work, life and ministry

About Dr. Weber

Dr. Catherine Hart Weber is a multifaceted professional, serving as a psychotherapist, spiritual director, and an ICF Certified Life Coach. She leads groups, intensives, and Flourish retreats, providing comprehensive support in personal growth and well-being.

Her approach is a harmonious blend of cutting-edge science, neurobiology, Christian Spiritual Formation, and Soul Care. Over the years, she has dedicated herself to continuous research and writing in the realm of Faith-Based Human Flourishing, staying at the forefront of this evolving field.

Dr. Catherine’s teaching experience extends to several prestigious institutions, including Fuller Seminary, Denver Seminary, Azusa Pacific University, and Life Pacific University, where she has served as an adjunct professor. Her contributions also extend to the written word, as she has authored multiple books, articles, and contributed to various publications. Her insights have further reached a wider audience through media appearances.

She holds a Ph.D. and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary School of Psychology, along with a Master’s degree in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Her educational journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Kinesiology from UCLA.

Dr. David Moore

Thursday, January 11 | 9 am-12 pm

Topic: Pentecostal Ethos: Historical Perspectives and Theological Characteristics of the Modern Pentecostal-Charismatic Movements.

About Dr. Moore

Dr. David Moore, the M.G. Robertson Chair of Pneumatology at The King’s University, previously served as a Professor of Bible and Theology at Life Pacific College. With a rich history of pastoral and academic experience, Dr. Moore’s expertise spans various aspects of Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. He holds two earned doctorates from Regent University School of Divinity and taught there as a visiting professor.

As an accomplished author, Dr. Moore has contributed significantly to theological literature. Notable works include “The Shepherding Movement: Controversy and Charismatic Ecclesiology,” “The Charismatic Century: The Enduring Impact of the Azusa Street Revival” (co-authored with Jack Hayford), and “The Pastor and The Kingdom: Essays In Honor of Jack W. Hayford,” which he co-edited with Dr. Jon Huntzinger. His latest release, “Pastor Jack: The Authorized Biography of Jack W. Hayford,” sheds light on the life of The King’s University founder.

Dr. Moore’s influence extends to various publications, magazines, and journals, making him a respected figure in his field. He and his late wife, Patty, were married for over 52 years and were blessed with three children, eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. In his spare time, Dr. Moore enjoys the companionship of a beloved feline friend they aptly named “Kitty.”

Dr. Miguel Alvarez

Saturday, January 13 | 8 am-1 pm

Topic: Educación Y Liderazgo Pertinente

About Dr. Alvarez

Miguel Alvarez, Ph.D. (Oxford Centre for Mission Studies) a missionary from Honduras, is a professor of theology and mission at the Central American Pentecostal Biblical Seminary (Seminario Bíblico Pentecostal Centroamericano–SEBIPCA) in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. He is an associate representative of Superbook at the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He has published several books and articles in English and Spanish. He lectures internationally and serves as an academic advisor of postgraduate studies. Alvarez networks with a variety of organizations and Christian leaders. He is ordained with the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee).

Recorded Sessions

Dr. Nijay Gupta | MATS Open Session
Dr. Tod Bolsinger | MSLP Open Session
Dr. Angie Richey | MLSP Open Session
Dr. Lucas Leys | MSLP Open Session
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Dr. Nijay Gupta | MATS Open Session
What would it actually mean for our theology, our ministries, and our lives if love was the center and heart of our theology? Too often, we approach theology from an abstract and distant perspective. But time and time again, the biblical writers point readers to the affections of God and a divine love that will not let go. How could this revitalize and drive the church today?
Dr. Tod Bolsinger | MSLP Open Session
Learn how leaders are formed in the crucible of change. Tod Bolsinger (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary) is a speaker, executive coach, former pastor, and author who serves as associate professor of leadership formation and senior fellow for the De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Seminary. He is the author of Canoeing the Mountains, Tempered Resilience and more.
Dr. Angie Richey | MLSP Open Session
As leaders we have a responsibility to practice habits that give rest and mental health to effectively lead organizations. This allows us joy, peace, and connections that help us to maintain a better quality of life. Angie holds two Masters degrees and a Ph.D. from Regent University. She is the President of Life Pacific University and an LMFT.
Dr. Lucas Leys | MSLP Open Session
He provides a biblical, scientific, and strategic approach to the generational leadership in the context of the local church. Dr. Lucas Leys is one of the most respected Christian leaders in America. He is the founder of e625.com. Was the publisher for Zondervan to the Spanish-speaking world and is a best selling author of more than 25 books.
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