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Ready for some experience and hands-on training? Life Pacific University believes in the value of experiential education and life skill development. Internships provide students with marketable skills and real-world experience to strengthen their resume and put their education into practice. Below, current students can find more information on requirements, how to find an internship, and how to apply


All students in the traditional programs are required to participate in experiential learning once they enter upper-division studies. Each degree offers an internship course that students complete alongside their experiential internship hours.  

Each student is required to be upper division, must have at least a 2.0, and must be in good standing with the following departments prior to the beginning of the course:  

  1. Student Accounts 
  2. Student Conduct  
  3. Ministry Formation & Spiritual Development 
  4. Program Chair 
  5. The Registrar 

Tips For Finding an Internship Location

If you’ve been working through your Four-Year Plan, you hopefully have already begun building your network of practitioners in your field. If you haven’t, some great ways to begin would be to attend the Internship & Career Fairs and introduce yourself to get to know business, organization and/or ministry leaders in your career field. Who do you know and who knows you? Asking around in a professional manner in your network can build bridges to potential opportunities.  

Update your resume by visiting the Office of Career and Global Engagement for a tune-up.  

Begin researching your desired career field and look for openings on Handshake.  

Find something? Time to apply! 


Once you have a location in mind, make sure your preferred location is an approved site with LPU. (Email CGE@lifepacific.edu if you aren’t sure) 

Many times sites will need to apply with us to agree on the terms or set up an MOU. This is a very important step for a new location.

 You will also need to make sure your Program Chair approves of this location for you and your career goals. CGE Can also help with this as needed.

Once the site location is approved with LPU, students can then apply for their internship on Handshake. Access the step-by-step instructions here: How to Apply for Your Internship


Interested in Becoming an Internship Site?

We are open to partnering with more organizations and ministries interested in hosting our students. Prior to having student interns, it’s helpful to read through these FAQs for internship sites: 


 Determine if the student is completing the internship on their own, or if they are seeking academic credit. If they are doing the internship for credit, they will need to be approved through LPU first. Everything listed below applies to those who are seeking academic credit. 

We highly encourage organizations, agencies, and businesses to attend one of our Internship & Career Fairs (fall/spring). This personal connection increases the possibility of a student interning with your organization. After the event, many interviews on the spot. 

Interview the student for culture and character fit. Set clear expectations on both sides. 

Timing, Housing, Transportation & Payment

Before selecting a student, clarify student needs regarding whether this will be a summer or semester internship, start and end dates, housing, transportation, and whether the internship is paid/unpaid.  

We highly encourage paid internships as this is the standard for collegiate internships. However, a student may still choose an unpaid internship if they desire. 

  1. Some sites decide upon a stipend or a scholarship toward the student, paid directly to LPU. 
  2. Churches only: Churches can provide host homes for the student if there are clear guidelines set and agreed upon. 


  1. Sites must provide intentional, hands-on training of at least 150 hours 
  2. Select one supervisor as the connection to the student and LPU. While there can be different mentors, LPU needs one person assigned to bring concerns to CGE Director and to sign off on hours and student assignments. 
  3. Select a book within the career field of choice for the student to read. 
  4. Provide clear feedback loops and communication of expectations with the student 
  5. Provide experiential learning, with professional guidance and feedback afterward for growth opportunities. 
  6. Always use clear communication of responsibilities and expectations. 


Students are required to abide by the Community Life Agreement (CLA) (click here for details) during the semesters and their summer and breaks. Any breach in conduct or if any concerns arise, we ask you reach out to CGE Director immediately prior to any disciplinary action. 

LPU is responsible for the determination of any conduct issues relating to LPU students, the Community Life Agreement and academic internships. However, you may have a student who is not doing an internship for academic credit. This means we may not be aware that the student is with you. We always highly encourage our internship sites to let us know which LPU students are interning with them at any given time. That way, we can offer support not only for those we know are there and earning credit, but also for any student that has chosen to do an internship with you on their own. 

Next Steps

A meeting with the Director of Career and Global Engagement is required to begin the process. You can set up a time here. 

Career & Global Engagement

Office Hours: 8am-5pm PT, Monday – Friday
Call or Text: (909) 706-3050
Email: CGE@lifepacific.edu