Life Pacific College: Established in 1923

Ministry Formation

Ministry Formation exists to promote the practical development of students into leaders who are equipped to serve and lead others in Foursquare, the Church in general, and the world.


Ministry Formation serves to develop the Christian character, practical skills, and ministry network necessary to lead and serve the church and the world. Here are just a few of the opportunities provided to LPC students through the Ministry Formation department

  • Church attendance and service
  • Weekly chapels
  • Fall Retreat/Spring Retreat
  • Outreach events
  • Spiritual development groups
  • Vocational Mentoring
  • Internships
  • Foursquare Licensing

We are here to serve you throughout your time at Life Pacific. Please email, call, or stop by our office. 

AJ Zimmermann

Director of Ministry Formation
phone: (909) 599-5433 ext. 355

Audrey Franks

Ministry Formation Assistant
phone: (909) 599 5433 ext. 350

Ministry Formation Goals

After completing the four-year ministry formation program at LPC, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate, in response to the Holy Spirit’s activity, transformational development in their spiritual lives and in their ability to lead others
  • Proclaim the Gospel (evangelize), bringing it to bear on the needs of a lost and dying world; 
  • Disciple (and be discipled by) others toward Christ-likeness
  • Serve Christ and others in practical ways.

Program Requirements

All individual Ministry Formation requirements, deadlines, and forms are available on Moodle in your Ministry Formation class and are listed in the LPC student handbook. 

Completion of ministry formation is a requirement for all students at Life Pacific College. Each semester, every student is registered for the ministry formation class and will receive a P/F grade on their transcript at the end of the term. All requirements must be completed and submitted by the due date in order for a student to receive credit. The course number for Ministry Formation is found on your schedule as GM095. Requirements vary depending on each student’s year in the program. Below are the First-year requirements:

First-year Requirements

  • Attend Church and begin serving by your second semester
  • Attend 4 times per month/serve 1-2 times per month
  • Attend Chapel
  • Allowed 6 absences per semester
  • Attend Fall Retreat/Spring Retreat
  • Serve at event or outreach
  • 6+ hours per semester
  • Meet with a Faculty/Staff Mentor if desired or required
  • Only required for PCS students

Ministry Formation Failure, Alert, Probation, & Dismissal


If a student receives a failing grade for Ministry Formation, s/he will be put on Ministry Formation Alert for the following semester. Students on alert must submit all forms to the Office of Ministry Formation on or before the due date.


A second semester of failing Ministry Formation at any time during a student’s academic career will place the student on Ministry Formation Probation. Probation instigates a required meeting with the Ministry Formation Committee during the first week of school, the student will be limited to 12 units, and will not be able to work on campus or serve in any student leadership role. Students on probation must submit all forms to the Office of Ministry Formation on or before the due date.


A student who receives a third failing grade in Ministry Formation at any time during his or her academic career will be dismissed from Life Pacific College.

Find A Church

Life Pacific College develops leaders for a lifetime of ministry. The local church is where our students put into practice what they learn in the classroom. One of the most challenging aspects of moving to a new place can be finding your new home church. For this reason we do everything we can to help students with this process.

Below is a list of churches near or within driving distance of the school. All of these churches have agreed to partner with Life Pacific College by helping you find a place to serve, offering ministry overseers to help guide you through your experience, and work around your student schedule. If your church is not listed, please apply to be a partner church.

Ministry Formation Partnering Churches

(View a full list of our Ministry Formation Partnering Churches)


What are my Ministry Formation requirements?
See Moodle and the student handbook for the details.

What are the due dates for Ministry Formation forms?
See Moodle and the student handbook for the details.

What counts as an outreach and would it count if I participate in one after the outreach due date?
An outreach is defined as a minimum 2 hour commitment of service connected with a church or an organization that builds relationships with those outside of the normal social interactions of the participant. This requirement may be met in several different ways, including the many local opportunities listed on our outreach page, most of which are ongoing opportunities throughout the semester. If you have any questions about whether a particular outreach is approved for credit, please contact the office of Ministry Formation. Outreaches must be completed by the end of semester Ministry Formation assignment due date to receive credit.

If a student does not complete an outreach prior to the due date they must contact AJ Zimmermann and state which outreach they are participating in after November 7 and provide an explanation for why they were not able to complete it by that point.

Do I have to keep declaring my church if I have gone to the same one for a couple of years?
In an effort to keep our records as up to date as possible, and considering the many life changes our students may go through during their time here at LPC, we ask that church declarations be completed at the beginning of each semester.

I don’t know what churches are nearby. How do I find a church?
A good place to start is with our partner churches. Please see the link find a church to look through some of their websites.


How many chapels am I allowed to miss?
An allowance is made for students to miss up to 6 chapels due to illness or other unexpected absence. If a student leaves early from chapel without previously discussing any possible exception with the Office of Ministry Formation, they will not receive credit for that chapel service. Student ID cards are required to receive credit for chapel attendance.

How will I know if I have already missed too many chapels?
It is the student’s responsibility to track their own chapel attendance. No notice will be given if a student has reached their maximum allowed absences.

How do I make up chapels if I miss too many?
If you have missed more than your allotted chapel absences please contact of the Office of Ministry Formation as soon as possible.

What if I need to appeal Chapel requirements?
You may submit a Chapel appeal form.

What if I need to appeal Ministry Formation?
You may submit a Ministry Formation form.


What are the requirements I need to meet in order to apply for an internship?
In order to be eligible to apply for an internship, you need a minimum GPA of 2.0, be up to date on your Ministry Formation requirements, be cleared by the Office of Student Life and have no balance to pay for the previous semester. Students must also complete the internship application and submit it to the Office of Ministry Formation.

Students must have obtained upper division status to meet internship requirements. They must also be interviewed and approved by the host site. Only LPC approved host sites are applicable for internship course (Gm370) credit.

What are my requirements for involvement in an internship?
Requirements vary depending on whether an internship is completed during the semester or during the summer. See the Ministry Formation office for more details.

Do I receive credit for completing an internship?
Yes. A completed internship equals 2 units.

How much is the cost of completing an internship?
$1030 ($515 per unit x 2 units = $1030) See the Financial Aid office with questions regarding financing your education.