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Degree Programs & Majors

Life Pacific’s academics integrate biblical studies, faith, leadership, and learning in a scholarly environment that cultivates critical and creative thinking, academic excellence, and professional competence.


Students experience holistic transformation personally, professionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Our emphasis on ministry and missions extends beyond the classroom into real-world experiences that prepare students for a lifetime of service and contribution to the public good.

Undergraduate degrees

Includes 2-year or 4-year degree programs delivered in a traditional on-campus experience in San Dimas, California. All degrees include a Biblical Studies minor.

b.a. in Biblical

B.A. in

B.A. in Human Development
& Psychology

B.A. in

B.A. in Ministry

B.A. in
Worship Arts & Media

a.a. in Biblical Studies

a.a. in General Studies

Interested in our Online Degree Programs?

LPU Online offers students the flexibility they need in a modern world — the ability to earn a degree entirely online.

Certifications at LPU CA

A commitment to life-long learning is essential to being an effective ministry leader but sometimes formal education is not possible due to cost and time constraints. LPU is launching a new online certificate program for leaders to receive a high-quality education at an unbeatable price.

in Biblical

Certificate in Chaplaincy

Certificado en Fundamentos Bíblicos (Español)

Graduate Degrees Online

The Master’s degree programs require one week of on-campus residencies in San Dimas, CA for degree completion.

Global Life

When you travel with Global Life, you’ll have the opportunity to apply everything you’ve been learning in the classroom directly to real-world situations. You’ll find yourself challenged and stretched to grow with new experiences and cultures that expand your worldview.

Ready to advance your education at Life Pacific?