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B.A. In Organizational Management


The world is changing at a fast pace, which means leaders need to learn and grow to be effective in their organizations. LPU Online’s B.A. in Organizational Management will provide you with the practical skills you need to be an effective leader in any organization and a strong biblical foundation to make a difference for the kingdom wherever you are. Enroll now to become a leader who is prepared to serve God in Church, the workplace, and the world.

Thriving Online Programs

At LPU, can complete your bachelor’s degree entirely online from a distinctly Christian university! Accelerate your future with the convenience and flexibility offered by LPU Online.

Program Format & Schedule

The online bachelor’s program is a 4-year degree taught entirely online. Students can begin in either the fall or spring semester. Each semester is divided into two 8-week sessions with students taking two classes per session and one 16-week course that stretches across the entire semester. In addition to weekly reading and assignments, students will participate in discussion boards with professors and peers. Students will be enrolled in a full-time course load and should expect to spend an average of 12-15 hours per course each week.

The curriculum listed for this program includes the recommended courses for students without any transfer work. A student may be eligible to transfer up to 72 units towards General Education; Bible and Open Elective Categories. Students with transfer work will have their curriculum adjusted accordingly.


General Education

Christian Worldview (3 units)

English Composition & Research (3 units)

Foundations of Global Engagement (3 units)

Intro to the Arts (3 units)

Marriage & Family Systems (3 units)

Western Civilization to 1500 (3 units)

Cultural Anthropology (3 units)

Foundations in Personal Finance (3 units)

Great Books (3 units)

Life Science with Lab (4 units)

Speech & Presentation (3 units)

Open Electives (26 units)

Biblical Studies

Cultures of Ancient Civilizations (3 units)

Pentateuch (3 units)

Synoptic Gospels (3 units)

Intro to Biblical Literature (3 units)

Organizational Management

Marketing Fundamentals (3 units)

Organizational Communication (3 units)

Principles of Management (3 units)

Organizational Behavior (3 units)

Organizational Development in Change (3 units)
Biblical Ethics in Business (3 units)
Biblical Interpretation (3 units)

Theology & Christian Life (3 units)

Applied Concepts in Finance & Accounting (3 units)

Economics for Managers (3 units)

Human Resource Management (3 units)

Cultural and Global Issues in Management (3 units)

Organizational Management Capstone (3 units)

Management as Ministry (3 units)

Biblical Theology of Leadership (3 units)
Jesus & The Kingdom (3 units)

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