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Residency Week
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About LPU Residency

Life Pacific University’s residency week provides a platform for graduate students to connect with their cohort, allowing them to form meaningful relationships. The cohort model facilitates collaborative learning, accountability, and mutual support. Students enroll in courses together, and this fosters a sense of community and a deeper level of engagement with the subject matter. Furthermore, the cohort model creates networking opportunities that may be useful for career advancement. Additionally, the residency week features guest lectures, making it an excellent starting point for students as they begin their graduate programs.

Residency Week Schedules

Life Pacific University’s residency week is a key feature of its graduate programs, providing an immersive learning experience for students. During residency week, students have the opportunity to engage with their cohort, attend classes, and participate in various activities that foster personal and professional growth.

"The thing that sets it apart here at LPU has been the personal contact with the professors and leaders. We’ve heard story after story about people’s personal lives being meshed with their cohorts and their professors. This is not just me reading stuff online and trying to check a box to get letters after my name, this really is a total life pursuit."
Ron Flores
MASL Student

On Campus Housing

During residency week, we are opening up residence hall rooms and are available upon request.


  • Rate is $200 flat rate for the week (Sunday night to Friday night)
  • Students must be willing to share a room and can only specify if they would like a bottom bunk only.
  • If traveling by car, specify you have a vehicle that will be parked on campus.
  • Single occupancy rooms would be charged at $400


If you choose to find your own housing off campus during your visit, we have a number of hotels close by that can accommodate you. It is recommended that students contact the hotel by telephone during regular business hours. 

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
485 W. Arrow Highway
San Dimas, CA 91773
(909) 305-2323 | hiexpress.com

Ayres Suites Diamond Bar
21951 Golden Springs Dr.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
(909) 860-6290

DoubleTree Pomona
3101 W. Temple Ave.
Pomona, CA 91768
(909) 594-0600

"For me, it was mostly hearing the testimony of other people and being able to hear the community and having that family to support each other as you are going in this journey with them which is interesting because you don’t see that in other programs."
Zuly Vasquez
MASL Student