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An opportunity for accepted new students to learn more about Life Pacific University and to get acquainted with fellow students, programs, and services we offer.

Financial Aid
Ready... Set... Go

The Immersive Training is offered at a very affordable tuition rate and includes a site fee that varies per site. Additionally, some sites may offer housing which brings additional costs. Almost every student qualifies for financial aid to help cover the cost of their education. For more information, contact the Financial Aid office.

LPU GO is only for new Freshmen and Transfer students attending LPU for Fall 2023. These sessions allow new Warriors and their families to hear from all departments across campus including advising and financial aid. Join us to get your class schedule and prepare for life before school begins this fall!

Session Dates

Choose a session date that works best for you. We are offering 4 on-campus sessions and 1 virtual session for admitted students that live more than 150 miles from Life Pacific University. As a reminder this event is required for all new incoming freshman and transfers to attend. Plan ahead and register today!

Click here to register for our GoLPU Virtual Event.

Go Session 1

Novmeber 17, 2023

General Information
We have put together some documents to serve you so you are better prepared for GoLPU. Below you will find a comprehensive schedule and general information you'll need for a successful registration.

Registration & Advising

Our registrar will schedule a meeting with you to synchronize your academic objectives and establish an academic roadmap that guarantees you take appropriate courses and graduate on schedule. This meeting will also include registering for your courses, meeting with your program chair, and networking with other prospective students.

Are you planning to transfer to LPU? Determine how your credits transfer by completing our complimentary credit evaluation form. As you register, you will meet with an academic advisor and sign up for courses. The academic advisor will scrutinize all the transfer credit information you provided.

Academic Registration Worksheet

Free Transfer Evaluation

New Warrior Checklist

Registration Quick Guide

Schedule Change Request Form

Financial Aid

Our financial aid counselors can assist you in securing funding for your education. They can provide guidance on financial aid programs, help with completing necessary paperwork, and offer information on loan options and repayment plans. Working with a financial aid counselor can help you make informed decisions about your finances and pave the way to a successful academic career.

Student Accounts

Meeting with student accounts can be an essential step in managing your college expenses. A student accounts representative can provide you with a comprehensive overview of your tuition and fees, payment options, and any outstanding balances. During your meeting, you can discuss payment plans and deadlines, as well as any additional charges, such as room and board, books, and other supplies. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, the representative may also be able to connect you with resources or financial aid options that can help alleviate some of the financial burden. Ultimately, meeting with student accounts can help you stay on top of your college expenses and ensure that you are able to pay for your education without unnecessary stress.

Housing information

Have questions about living on campus or are you commuting?

During GoLPU, you’ll have an opportunity to hear from our Resident Directors about living on campus and how to best prepare yourself for your best experience living on campus, and they will be able to answer your questions. 

Housing Agreement
Off-Campus Petition
Parking Permit