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The Life Bridge Program is an academic success experience (five-week) that prepares incoming students to thrive at the university level. Incoming freshman and transfer students who qualify for this additional support (accepted on academic probation) will be immersed in introductory courses, student life activities, get to know the library and academic support staff, spend time with success coaches and student peer mentors who will aide them in their continued academic success and campus community while attending LPU. 


  1. Learn foundational knowledge and skills that will prepare you to succeed at some of the core course you will take during the first year at LPU.
  2. Discover tools and resources available to students to help with time management and life skills. 
  3. Establish campus relationships with staff, faculty, and fellow students for spiritual development. 
  4. Utilize the various offices and departments on campus to grow in academic success (Library Educational Environment and Academic Support Center)
  5. Spend 5 weeks with room and board, field trips, nighttime activities, courses, and student space, a $5,000 value, at no cost (Funded by HSI grant).
  6. Earn 3 credits towards your degree. 

Program Highlights

Details and Logistics 
  1. Move into your dorm July 20th  
  2. Daily classes, workshops, and guest speakers 
  3. Weekly group and spiritually charged activities. 
  4. One on One mentoring, success coaching, and tutoring. 
  5. Closing ceremonies to celebrate the completion of the program. 
Eligibility and Requirements 
  1. All students accepted to LPU on academic probation will be required to attend the whole duration of the program. 
  2. Work and emergency appeals are available through the Academic Office and are subject to approval. 
  3. For more information, contact the Life Bridge Team via email at lifebridge@lifepacific.edu.