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Adam Davidson serves as The Foursquare Church’s vice president of administrative operations and corporate secretary. This unique role is key in aligning and orchestrating the organization’s efforts to achieve its mission through effective and ethical management of business and financial operations.

A member of The Foursquare Church since 1975, Adam has served in many leadership roles, including church planter, district administrator, camp director, national church administrator, executive pastor, director of operations, and chief operating officer. Adam has served as a Foursquare minister since 1994, when he completed his bachelor’s degree in business from Ball State University. His background in sales, marketing, business development, finance, human resources and operations management gives him a business-minded perspective within The Foursquare Church. He also holds a master’s degree from Life Pacific University.

Adam and his wife, Rose Mary, are the parents of four children, who range in age from 11 to 24: Ryan, Kyle, Lucas, Isabella. The Davidsons are involved in local church ministry at C4 Nashville, a Foursquare church plant located in Nashville, Tennessee.