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Jessica Cruickshank, Ed.M.


Jessie is a nationally recognized expert in the both the fields of neuroeducation and experiential education. She has spent more than a decade applying neuroeducation research to experiential and adventure education, resulting in a program that is at the forefront of education science. She completed her Ed.M. in Harvard’s Mind, Brain, and Education program, is a published academic, and has edited several books and authored articles on the application of neuroscience and cognitive psychology to the field of education. Jessie was the Program Director and Administrative Director for Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries (SROM) and the COO/CFO of an engineering firm. Currently, she is the Director of Leadership Development for the Gateway District and oversees an online school for the professional development of missionaries, pastors, and lay ministers. She is a philosopher, neuro-ecclesiologist, and ordained minister in the Foursquare denomination. Her main goal, whether in education, faith or business, is to create intentional environments where people can learn and grow, by working with the brain and treating individuals as whole persons.