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Marketing Requests


Due to the large influx of requests, our Marketing Office is experiencing a delay in the completion of submitted requests have adjusted the timeline according to the new scenario.
Our new estimated deadline for completed work (phase of works, practical completion date etc.) is 3-4 weeks. We are confident that once this delay has been solved and properly analyzed, we will be able to complete the project quickly and efficiently.
We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we tackle projects for the entire University.


LPU Marketing Team


Marketing Request Form


Once a request has been submitted, the marketing office will determine if the project is approved to begin work and if it can be completed in the time given.

*Note that the marketing staff cannot fulfill all internal and external communication/creative needs. The priority of the marketing personnel and resources. is to advance the university brand and recruitment efforts.*

What happens once I submit a request?

  1. Once a request has been submitted, you will be notified within 3 business days if the request has been approved or denied.

  3. If approved, you will be added. as a collaborator on your specific project though asana. Here is where all updates, and communication on the specific project will be held. Be mindful that if you have not signed up for Asana, you will be invited as a collaborator moving forward.

  5. Someone on our marketing team will be assigned your project and you will be able to communicate directly with them until the project is completed.

  7. Once the project has been completed and approved by. the requester, final documents will be summited to the requested party and the project will be marked as completed.

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How are videos made?

Great question! Every video is unique but they will always go through 3 phases:


This is where the script is put together, the crew/talent is selected, the shoot times scheduled, the gear selected/acquired, and the location is prepped for shooting. 

Depending on how elaborate the video is, this can be anywhere from 1 to 20 hours of work, but usually accounts for at least 20-30% of the production process time.


This is when the camera rolls and the content is actually captured. 

This is the always the shortest portion of the production process, usually accounting for 10-30% of the actual production process.


This is where the magic happens and is also the most time intensive portion of the production process. This is where the editing, color correcting, sound design, graphics and overlays and exporting occur. 

This is at minimum 50% of the production process and can even be up to 75%. 

The general rule of thumb in Hollywood is 1 min of film time equals 2 hours of editing, and, while there are some exceptions, this rule holds pretty true.

So, how long does it take to make a video?

Again it depends on the video, but here is a general chart to start the conversation:

Types of Videos


              • Teaser: 2-3 hours
              • Trailer: 3-5 hours
              • Feature: 4-7 hours
              • Documentary: 10-20 hours
            • B-Roll (+3-15 hours)
          • Promotional/Ads
            • Overview: 8-12 hours
            • Promo: 4-8 hours
            • Narrative Ads: 3-10 hours
          • Creative
            • Recaps
              • Event Length + 15 hours
            • Music Video
              • 15-30 hours
            • Production Elements 
              • Backgrounds: .5-2 Hours per 
              • Bumpers: 1-2 Hours per
              • Countdowns: 1-2 Hours per
              • Etc.
            • Short Films
              • 3-60 Hours
          • Livestream
            • Event Length + 3 Hours
    • So, once the video is exported, can I make changes to the video?
      • Of course, but it is important to remember that each round of changes means that the whole thing has to be re-rendered and re-exported. 
      • Another way of thinking about it is like baking a cake. If I make a cake and realize I forgot the sugar, I can’t just toss the sugar on afterwards. I have to go back in and re-bake the cake. It’s pretty much the same with editing.
    • What happens if I need a video but the team is already working on other projects?
      • Another great question! We have developed a network of partners that can be hired to take on projects (depending on their availability), and we are happy to help connect you with them! (Price level will vary by experience and project scale.)