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Beliefs & Values

We believe in biblical truth and affirm the supremacy of Christ in all areas of life. These beliefs exist at the core of who we are.


LPU chapels create space for transformation through worship, community, ministry-times, God’s word, inspiring stories, and the tangible presence of Jesus.

When are Chapels?

Chapels are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays weekly, from 10:20am to 11:20am.

Are Chapels required?

Yes, chapel attendance is a value at LPU and a vital piece of our leadership and spiritual development as a community. Your attendance will be tracked as you scan into chapel using your student ID card barcode or the student ID barcode on the LPU app. This is tracked as part of the requirements for the Ministry Formation and Spiritual Development program.

Can I appeal Chapel?

Yes – if you meet the requirement(s) for approval below. If you need to appeal, please fill out the Chapel Appeal Form.

  • If you work…In order to be approved to miss Chapel on one or both days, you need an official, signed letter from your supervisor, stating that you are REGULARLY scheduled for work over one or both Chapel Hour(s)/Day(s).
  • If you commute…If you live more than 10 miles away from campus and you do not have class immediately before and after chapel, you can appeal. You will need to turn in two items: 1) A PDF of maps directions of your commute showing the mileage from your home to the school and 2) A copy of your class schedule showing you don’t have class before/after 


If you miss a chapel, without an approved appeal, it will be counted toward your allotted number of absences. 


For any questions, please reach out to ministryformation@lifepacific.edu

Can I be involved in chapels?
Chapels are a great way to develop your gifts and grow in areas of ministry interest from audio/visual to lighting, worship and service hosting, there are plenty of areas to serve in. If you are interested in being a part of worship teams, contact the Worship Arts and Media Program Chair at dfernandez@lifepacific.edu or (909) 599-5433. Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester.
How many Chapels can I miss per semester?

You are allowed six (6) absences without chapel appeal, and three (3) with an approved appeal. 

Small Groups

Student-led campus groups serve as way to empower students to lead, offer space outside of the classroom for authentic connection and Spiritual growth for on-campus and commuter students.

Small Groups are all about:

  • Spiritual development and growth
  • Empowering students to lead on campus
  • Greater level of accountability and personal relationship with students
  • Serving as practical ministry training


Retreats are a vital time to kick-off each semester with focused worship, special messages, ministry times as we set the Spiritual tone for each year.

Office of Student Development

Office Hours: 8am-5pm PT, Monday – Friday
Call: (909) 599-5433
Email: osd@lifepacific.edu