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The Bible is central to the Christian life and faith. Unfortunately, countless people miss out on the transformative power of God’s word because they are confused, intimidated, or even misled. The world needs Christian leaders who love God, have a deep understanding of scripture, and are able to teach with truth and power. Life Pacific University’s B.A. in Biblical Studies will provide you with the foundation you need for ministry. Enroll now to become a leader who is prepared to serve God and teach His word.

Why this degree?

Hear about the B.A. in Biblical Studies from LPU’s esteemed Bible professors!

Program Highlights


When you choose this program, you will develop competencies in five areas needed for a life of ministry and leadership:

  1. Describe the significance of the Bible’s major characters and events as well as the Bible’s principal theological themes.
  2. Defend the Bible’s authority as an infallible guide for matters of faith and practice.
  3. Apply the principles of the inductive Bible study method to analyze any type of Biblical text.
  4. Master the method of theological synthesis (from the exegesis of biblical texts to systematic theology) in order to formulate sound theological positions.
  5. Commit to personal, intellectual, and spiritual transformation through the demonstration of core values.

Gain real-world experience with a Biblical Studies internship.
We don’t want you to just graduate, we want you to graduate employable. Every student will get real-world work experience through an internship in the field. Your program chair and the Office of Calling & Vocation will help you secure an internship that’s right for you.

Approach Biblical Studies from a Pentecostal perspective.
You will learn and grow in a Christ-Centered Community where every student, staff, and faculty member is committed to a Christian faith. Courses are taught with a Pentecostal perspective, preparing you to be a Spirit-empowered leader.

Learn from expert faculty and benefit from small class sizes.
Classes are taught by highly qualified faculty with education and experience in their field. The student to faculty ratio is 13 to 1, meaning you won’t be in large lecture halls, but small classes where you get personal interaction with your professors and peers.


General Education

English Composition & Research (3 units)

First-Year Seminar (3 units)
History Elective (3 units)
Literature Elective (3 units)
Foundations for Global Engagement (3 units)

Bible & Theology

Pentateuch (3 units)
Introduction to Biblical Literature (3 units)

Biblical Interpretation & Application (3 units)

Cultures of Ancient Civilizations (3 units)
Biblical Exegesis Practicum (3 units)

Foundations of Ministry (3 units)

Synoptic Gospels (3 units)

Spiritual Gifts (3 units)

Spiritual Discipleship (3 units)

Romans (3 units)

Kings & Prophets (3 units)

Prison Epistles (3 units)

Math Elective (3 units)
Christian Worldview (3 units)
Social & Behavioral Science Elective (3 units)
Oral Communication Elective (3 units)
Lab Science Elective (3 units)

Intro to Christian Theology (3 units)

Theology 1 (3 units)

Theology 2 (3 units)

Theology 3 (3 units)

Using Greek in Exegesis (3 units)

Using Hebrew in Exegesis (3 units)

Hebrew Exegesis Elective (3 units)

Greek Exegesis Elective (3 units)

Bible Elective (3 units)

Christian History & Theology (3 units)

Upper Division Biblical Theology Elective (3 units)

Open Electives (3 units)

Career Opportunities

small group director

Bible scholar

with further education

Children’s Ministry Director

church administrator


Theology, Bible, or Religious Studies

teaching/preaching pastor


youth pastor


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