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B.A. IN Human Development and psychology


At some point in life, everyone faces difficult circumstances, whether it be the pain of emotional trauma, family dysfunction, anxiety and depression, addiction, or mental illness. The world needs Christian leaders who love people and are properly equipped to help others navigate the messiness of life. Life Pacific University’s B.A. in Human Development and Psychology will provide you with the education you need for a career in the helping professionals and the Biblical foundation you need to make a lasting impact in other’s lives. Enroll now to become a leader who is prepared to serve God in the helping professions.

Why this degree?

Hear about the B.A. in Human Development & Psychology from program chair, Dr. Gayle Samples!

Program Highlights


When you choose this program, you will develop competencies in five areas needed for a successful career in the helping professions:

  • Synthesize key concepts, theories, research, and trends in the helping professions, incorporating a Christian worldview.
  • Resolve problems related to behavior and mental processes by conducting research and applying scientific and theological principles to personal, social, and organizational issues.
  • Build rapport and communicate effectively in diverse settings and with diverse audiences.
  • Practice the helping professions in ways thoroughly influenced by Christian theology, values, and ethics.
  • Community Mental Health 
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Sports Psychology

Gain real-world experience with a Human Development & Psychology internship.
We don’t want you to just graduate, we want you to graduate employable. Every student will get real-world work experience through an internship in the field. Your program chair and the Office of Calling & Vocation will help you secure an internship that’s right for you.

Approach Human Development & Psychology from a Christian perspective.
You will learn and grow in a Christ-Centered Community where every student, staff, and faculty member is committed to the Christian faith. Your degree will include a Biblical Studies minor and faith integration weaved throughout each course, so you are equipped to be a professional that advances God’s kingdom wherever you go.

Learn from expert faculty and benefit from small class sizes.
Classes are taught by highly qualified faculty with education and experience in their field. The student to faculty ratio is 13 to 1, meaning you won’t be in large lecture halls, but small classes where you get personal interaction with your professors and peers.

alumni story

Hear abour Rylee’s expereince in the B.A. in Human Development & Psychology program!



English Composition & Research (3 units)

First-Year Seminar (3 units)
History Elective (3 units)
Christian Worldview (3 units)
Oral Communication Elective (3 units)
Foundations for Global Engagement (3 units)
Literature Elective (3 units)
Lab Science Elective (3 units)

Biblical Studies Minor

Pentateuch (3 units)

Biblical Languages & Exegesis (3 units)

Synoptic Gospels (3 units)

Discipleship & Spiritual Transformation (3 units)

Romans (3 units)

Intro to Biblical Literature (3 units)

Cultures of Ancient Civilizations (3 units)

Spiritual Gifts (3 units)

Theology 1 (3 units)

Theology 2 or 3 (3 units)

Human Development & Psychology Major

Intro to Ministry in the Helping Professions(3 units)

Introduction to Psychology (3 units)

Introduction to Sociology (3 units)

Human Sexuality (3 units)

Human Development (3 units)

Abnormal Psychology (3 units)

Community Development (3 units)

Senior Seminar (3 units)

Open Electives (12 units)

Social Behavioral Science Statistics (3 units)

Marriage & Family Systems (3 units)

Ethics in the Helping Professions (3 units)

Counseling (3 units)

Research Methods (3 units)

Internship (3 units)

Child Welfare (3 units)

Concentration Courses (12 units)

Career Opportunities

aBA Therapist

marriage & Family Therapist

Case Manager

Probation officer

childcare worker

school counselor

children & family pastor

social worker

substance abuse counselor

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