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University, California

Life Pacific University is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2024 Kingdom Leadership Alumnus of the Year Award, Rev. Chantal Edler, M.A.

LPU President Dr. Angie Richey shares, “Chantal exemplifies Kingdom Leadership through her strength, faithfulness, authenticity, and humility. She is tenacious and focused, pouring her life out for others and modeling a life filled with God’s love and enduring presence. Her unwavering Kingdom focus, even while battling a diagnosis, has called us all to a higher walk with Jesus. What a role model!”

LPU classmate Rev. Whitney Lewellyn, lead pastor of Mission Church (Clarkston Foursquare Church) shares, “Chantal is a loyal friend, a powerful communicator, and an intentional leader and pastor. She goes out of her way to find the person sitting by themself at an event or service and makes sure they feel included. She has a deep heart for God’s kingdom which is reflected in the way she serves the people in her city and around the world. Chantal sees the qualities God has placed in others and comes alongside them to help them move fully in what God has called them to. Chantal is full of compassion, wisdom, and strength. I’m so glad she is receiving this honor. She exemplifies what it means to be a kingdom leader.”

Chantal’s early life was formative to the type of kingdom leader she is today. “I had the amazing privilege of meeting Jesus at a really young age,” Chantal remembers. “After my mom immigrated to the United States from Mexico, she encountered Jesus and was radically saved in her early adulthood, helping shape the spiritual landscape of our household and instilling in us a deep-rooted commitment to regular church attendance. From the time I was young, I knew that God had called me to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Even having grown up in a denomination where there was no context for women in ministry or women in leadership, I had a clear sense and held steadfast to the conviction that this is what God had created me to do.”

Chantal’s stalwart commitment to God’s call eventually led her to attend and graduate from Life Pacific College (now Life Pacific University) with both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. “My journey at LPU has been pivotal in shaping my adult life. Obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Transformational Ministry and Bible laid the groundwork for me, equipping me with a robust theological understanding and invaluable hands-on ministry exposure, both of which have greatly benefitted me in my subsequent endeavors.” Chantal’s educational journey as she chose to pursue a graduate degree at LPU. “After being appointed as a lead pastor, I felt compelled to return to LPU, entrusting them once more with my development as a leader, leading me to enroll in the MASL program. The two years dedicated to pursuing a Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership were profoundly transformative, refining my leadership style and influencing the way I navigate challenges and encourage others today.”

Professor emeritus Dr. Remi Lawanson shares, “Chantal Edler is a pioneer and pacesetter in many ways including in academic research and ministry. She engaged the research on ‘Exploring How Married Couples who Co-pastor Together in a Senior Pastor Role, Share Executive Leadership Power’ in her MASL Capstone Research. Her research findings included the values and benefits of the ‘Ministry Partnership Couple’ as reflected in the themes emerging from the research data analysis. Chantal also represented the LPU MASL alumni in the research interviews with the External Reviewer for the MASL Program towards strengthening the continuing accomplishment of the objectives of the MASL program. Therefore, I congratulate Chantal as the worthy recipient of the LPU 2024 Kingdom Leadership Alumnus of the Year Award.”

LPU was not only a place of academic achievement, it was also a place where Chantal’s life intersected with the man who would be her husband. “[We] first crossed paths at what was then known as Life Pacific College back in 2009. I’ve shared eleven beautiful years of marriage with my amazing husband, Jake. Together, we have two remarkable daughters: Emery, who is 9, and McKenna, who is nearly 7.”

Jake and Chantal are privileged to partner together in ministry leadership as well as life: “Currently, I am the lead pastor of Yakima Foursquare Church in Yakima, Washington, where my husband and I co-pastor together. We have been lead pastors for 5 years and were staff pastors for 6 years before we transitioned into senior leadership.” Chantal reflects on her journey into the unknown, “The Lord in His goodness called me to a town I had never heard of before meeting my husband, his hometown of Yakima. Our community is located in central Washington and is known for its agriculture. Our community is comprised of a diverse mix, with approximately equal representation from Hispanic and Caucasian backgrounds. Being a bi-lingual second-generation Mexican-American has truly opened doors for me in my community to minister and build relationships in a unique way.” In many ways, Chantal’s life reads like a tapestry woven into a beautiful picture by an expert hand.

One of the most difficult threads of her life has been her fight against cancer, a battle known to many as she’s been privileged to share her journey with her own local church, an international online community, and the Foursquare Family at Foursquare Connection. “The past year and a half of battling cancer has profoundly reinforced the significance of maintaining a kingdom-focused perspective at all times. In this life there will be no shortage of grief and hardship. But I am so thankful that this journey has led me to a place where I have chosen surrender over and over again. Part of my life’s mission now is to help others identify the evidence of a good and loving God in the midst of their own trials.”

Chantal’s humility urges others to follow Jesus in like manner. “Being nominated for the Kingdom Leadership award is truly humbling,” she reflects, “and I attribute all honor and glory to Jesus. My life’s purpose has continually centered around pointing others towards Him.”

Please join LPU in congratulating and celebrating Rev. Chantal Edler, M.A., 2024 recipient of the Kingdom Leadership Alumnus of the Year Award!