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Life Pacific University is thrilled to announce the appointment of Andrew Hawksworth, MFA, as the new Chair of the B.A. in Media and Communications, under the Department of Arts, Digital Media, and Communications. With his impressive background as an accomplished videographer and storyteller, Professor Hawksworth brings a unique blend of skills and strengths to this role. His focus on preparing students for the real world and utilizing various communication mediums sets him apart as a visionary leader. Professor Hawsworth’s passion for storytelling and videography has shaped his career at LPU and beyond, making him the ideal candidate for the Chair position.

With a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television Screenwriting from Regent University, he has demonstrated a deep understanding of the power of effective communication and its ability to engage and inspire audiences. His expertise will be instrumental in developing courses and experiences that equip students with the necessary skills to excel in the ever-evolving communication landscape.

“We are excited to welcome Andrew Hawksworth, the Chair of the B.A. in Media and Communications,” said Dr. Angie Richey, President of LPU. “His unique gift mix and strengths align perfectly with the program’s goals. We are confident that under his leadership, students will receive a comprehensive education and a network of industry professionals that set them apart in the marketplace and equips them to share the gospel of Christ creatively.”

Dr. Daniel Ruarte, LPU Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, says, “It is an exciting time for us at LPU as we celebrate this promotion of Prof. Andy to the Chair of Media and Communication. He has been with LPU as a full-time staff and adjunct faculty for years and has shown tremendous leadership and excellence in all aspects of his work. This department requires a unique mix of gifting and leadership skills in addition to credentials and qualifications, I believe Prof. Hawksworth brings this to the role, and we are at peace with this decision. We are excited and grateful for this new season for him and the department. I see a season of growth and consolidation of this relatively new program, our BA in Arts, Digital Media, and Communication, and our Digital Media Studio!”

Prof. Hawksworth’s dedication to student development and success is highly regarded. As an alumnus of LPU, he deeply understands the program and has a genuine love for its students. His commitment to their growth and personal fulfillment is evident in the positive impact he has had on their education.

“It is humbling to be a part of the hundred-year legacy of innovation and technology at Life Pacific University, and I am ridiculously excited to explore new opportunities in the Media Industry with our Media & Communications students,” expressed Andrew Hawksworth. “Whether it is virtual production systems, AI integration into everyday workflows, or keeping up with the ever-evolving social media algorithms, LPU students are embracing the new while also taking ownership of their spiritual transformations! It is such an exciting time to be creative, and I am ready to explore these new digital frontiers together with them!”

Under Prof. Hawsworth’s leadership, the B.A. in Media and Communications will continue to build upon its strong foundation. His film, sound, writing, and communication expertise will contribute to the program’s growth, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for real-world challenges.

Please join LPU in warmly welcoming Andrew Hawksworth as the new Chair of the B.A. in Media and Communications Program. His leadership and dedication will undoubtedly inspire and shape the future communicators of tomorrow.

Professor Hawksworth is known for his videography and has created countless incredible videos over the course of his time as LPU’s Marketing Videographer. You can view his best work below:

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Centennial Video. 

LPU Centennial Vision Video. 

Lost List: LPU Christmas Video.

You Can Have It All Music Video.

LPU Program Videos. 

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