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angie richey, christine caine, jessie cruickshank, and tim lee

University, California

Life Pacific University had the great honor of hosting a Book Signing, Panel, and Night of Worship with Board of Trustee Jessie Cruickshank, legendary pastor Christine Caine, and LPU alum and worship leader Marc Wymore. This special night was one of community and empowerment. Jessie’s book Ordinary Discipleship was the focus of the night, with timely and encouraging words from President Angie Richey, Christine Caine, and Jessie as they were interviewed panel-style by the LPU’s Chair of Ministry and Theology, Dr. Tim Lee.

Jessie’s incredible book preaches the value of ordinary people being called into extraordinary leadership by God, and how to empower the Church to make disciples who make disciples as the Great Commission directs. Pastor Christine Caine helped create a ministry moment for the women who were called into ministry, praying over them and their future vocational contexts. Marc Wymore beautifully led the community into a time of worship and response, alongside current LPU Worship Arts and Media students.

This night together was one that will continue to inspire LPU students, the community, and more.

You can purchase Ordinary Discipleship by Jessie Cruickshank here.