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Life Pacific University recently concluded its Spring Master’s Residency Week, a vibrant gathering that marked a significant milestone in the academic journey of those who choose LPU to pursue their Master’s program. This event showcased the dedication, hard work, and scholarly pursuits of our graduate students at Life Pacific.

Master’s Residency Week is an intensive period where students engage in diverse subjects, rigorous academic discussions, and hands-on activities tailored to their fields of study. Facilitated by esteemed faculty and guest speakers, the week offers invaluable insights and fosters a sense of community among participants.

“Residency week convened leaders at LPU San Dimas from across the globe. We welcomed a focused cohort of new and returning graduate students who actively participated in a week of profound Christ centered learning experiences and Spirit filled interactive sessions. Two of the cohorts enjoyed a rejuvenating one-day retreat at Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center focusing on spiritual formation practices. It was gratifying to see the impact on so many lives in one short week. Education is both catalytic and transformative. I’m filled with hope for our graduate students and their ministry effectiveness and fulfillment.” says Dr. Angie Richey, President of Life Pacific University.

This year LPU celebrated major successes, notably with our Master’s in Leadership Spanish Language program welcomed a record number of students for a January cohort, including Foursquare leaders from across the world: the Foursquare Leader from Colombia and the Foursquare President of Spain.

We were joined by Dr. Catherine Hart Weber, Dr. David Moore, and Dr. Miguel Alvarez for dynamic, engaging Open Sessions with students and esteemed guests who took part in this incredible opportunity for leadership development. LPU is deeply grateful for the contributions of Dr. Hart Weber, Dr. Moore, and Dr. Alvarez for enriching the Master’s Residency Week experience for all.

“I am delighted to hear such positive feedback about our Graduate residencies. I believe it is a transformational time for our students as they come to campus from all over the world and meet with peers to learn and connect. The interaction with staff, faculty, program directors, and other students is key to their success. Thanks to each and every team member who made this an unforgettable experience for our LPU GRAD STUDENTS! Special thanks to Moriah Carter, Debora Bravo, Dr. Hugo Adana, and Dr. Ken Bringas, leaders that many others recognize as going above and beyond. Very remarkable!” says Dr. Daniel Ruarte, Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs.

As students reflect on their experiences, they carry with them newfound knowledge, skills, and connections. The success of Master’s Residency Week highlights Life Pacific University’s commitment to excellence and sets the stage for continued growth and achievement both academically and spiritually.

Current Master’s in Theological Studies student, Eric Greninger, who is an Assistant Minister at King’s Way Foursquare in Sequim, WA, shares “I was impressed with how deep we went spiritually from the start. The LPU ethos centers on spiritual formation, and a healthy, thriving inner life with God. For me, this emphasis facilitated a return to my first love for Jesus. I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly my cohort bonded. The Lord brought us a real Spirit of unity and camaraderie. I’m life-changingly enriched because of it”.

Master’s Residency Week at Life Pacific University is a celebration of academic achievement and the transformative power of education, propelling students toward future success and impact. If you want to be a part of our next cohort of graduate students and attend Residency Week in July, then click here for more information.