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University, California

Life Pacific University has a continued commitment to advancement in technology, media, and lighting as an influential piece of campus life. Following the second digital media improvement phase, the existing incandescent fixtures inside the Rolf K. McPherson chapel building have now been replaced by state-of-the-art LED fixtures. These new fixtures allow a level of lighting to be achieved, including the control of the color intensity, lighting location, and warmth of the chapel stage.

Lights were professionally installed by the lead lighting designer for events and entertainment at Disney and DCA, Nick Van Houten, and assisted by our Marketing Videographer, Andy Hawksworth. Nick Van Houten will continue to assist Life Pacific in utilizing new and existing LED lights for maximum impact within the space. This project will continue to move forward in the coming months. All advancements are reflective of an eight-year project of LPU. Changes are a part of continuing to Build Legacy at our institution for the next 100 years.