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University, California

In August as students prepared to return for their fall semester, 22 students were faced with dropping out and cutting short their educational journey. Honor students with high GPAs, talented athletes, and students entering their senior year, were working hard to make ends meet yet struggling with financial obstacles.

Then LPU alumni and friends stepped in with extra help and generously gave more than $37,700. Every dollar the students needed was covered! And every one of the 22 students are back on campus pursuing God’s calling.

In September President Angie Richey and the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations celebrated these students and the donors who gave to bridge the gap. Students who thought they would have to step away from their dream of a higher education degree began the academic year thanking God for His miraculous provision through people they’ve never met.

Students were inspired to steward these gifts by striving for their best in classes and paying it forward by generously serving others in need. President Angie Richey confirms, “Together we reflected on God’s purpose for their lives, solidified by incredible acts of generosity. These amazing students and I are deeply grateful for those who give to LPU. Thank you for helping to make miracles happen!”