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One of Life Pacific University’s newest faculty members is Elizabeth James, LMFT, LPCC, DMFT (AbD), the current Chair of the Human Development and Psychology Program and the Interim Program Director for the Master of Arts in Counseling. Elizabeth has been a valuable addition to the LPU community, bringing her heart for the Lord, passion for students, and educational background with a B.A. – Psychology | Music (minor); M.A. – Clinical Psych with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy; Doctoral Candidate in Marital and Family Therapy.


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What do you enjoy most about working at LPU? 

I enjoy the community of students and faculty. This is a really close group of individuals who are supportive and faith driven. It has been nice to be a part of LPU and its mission.

What is your favorite experience working at LPU so far?

To be honest…my favorite experience working at LPU is THE LOOP! I was a new faculty member when I first visited the Loop in September (’22). It was that visit when I promised the Loop staff that I would no longer go anywhere else for coffee. And I have kept this promise! You will often find me there for a morning (and) afternoon cup of java or tea. Oh, and of course, teaching classes is always a favorite experience. I appreciate seeing the students each week, checking in with them, and reaping the rewards of observing their academic and personal development while being alongside their journey of life.

What makes LPU different? 

The Christ-centered culture is what makes LPU unique. It just feels like everyone understands and has the same vision. I suppose like-minded is an appropriate term. And it is hard not to be “seen” at LPU – everyone matters and LPU does a great job to recognize the efforts and contributions of each individual.

What is your biggest hope for LPU?

To grow and expand!

What has God shown you through your time at LPU? 

I have learned that with His grace and wisdom, anything is possible! I lean into Him for strength to overcome challenges and perseverance to achieve tasks.

What is a fun fact about you? 

I love chocolate covered gummy bears! The best of both worlds – chocolate + gummy bears. Yes!


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