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a crowd roundtable discussion while aj swoboda is on stage

University, California

Life Pacific University hosted the second annual Foursquare Forum event, in partnership with the Foursquare Church. Watch a recap of this amazing event below

Over the course of three days, Foursquare pastors, leaders, and those passionate about engaging with dialogue on a deeper level regarding important topics in the current world. Theology’s relevance in the life of the believer and its informing of a Christian worldview has never been more necessary. Together all attendees heard from speakers, attended workshops, and interacted in roundtable discussions that helped engage the heart, mind, and spirit as leaders in the Church.

Joined by powerful educators and leaders of the faith, all those in attendance were empowered to dig deep into the crucial roles of identity formation and disciple-making, covering topics like racial equity, diversity and inclusion, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Dr. A.J. Swoboda, Dr. Jim Wilder, Christy Vines, Russell Joyce, Dr, Angie Richey and many more scholars led these discussions and were joined by passionate Foursquare leaders who facilitated fruitful workshops. Over 300 leaders attended, either in person or online, the Foursquare Forum and engaged in deep learning, which is something to celebrate.

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Save the date for February 2024 for the third annual Foursquare Forum.