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foursquare scholars fellowship meeting

University, California

President Angie Richey, P.h.D., and Dr. Steven Félix-Jäger joined the Foursquare Scholars Fellowship as panelists at their gathering during the 2023 Foursquare Connection. Foursquare scholars from across the globe gathered together to reflect on Foursquare’s future by reflecting on Foursquare’s past as it relates to Sister Aimee’s founding stance on being “Dedicated to the cause of interdenominational worldwide evangelism”.

dr. angie speaking at FSFDr. Angie Richey, President of LPU, states, “I’m thrilled by the bright future of Foursquare Scholars Fellowship, as leaders, pastors, and students come together in a vibrant exchange of research, collaboration, and dialogue. We extend a warm invitation for more individuals to join this dynamic community of learners”.

Foursquare Scholars Fellowship was founded, desiring to enfranchise the scholars, educators, researchers, and students in higher education within the Foursquare family by providing various venues for dialogue, publication, & peer review and to be a resource to the Foursquare family.

“Foursquare Scholars Fellowship fosters relationships among those who engage in thoughtful reflection on issues confronting the church. With Foursquare distinctives, this fellowship cultivates resources to help the church in the world. I am honored to be a part of this group”, says Andy Opie, a member of the Foursquare Scholars Fellowship.

The speakers present discussed the Pentecostal foundations of Foursquare, what it means to bring the whole Gospel to the whole world, and how to be on mission in the present. The panelists joining President Richey and Dr. Felix-Jager to engage in dialogue surrounding these topics were:

Dr. David Moore (Author, Scholar, and Professor at King’s University)

Dr. Amos Yong (Author, Scholar, Dean, and Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary)

Bishop Marius Kouame (National Leader, Regional Chair, and FMI West Africa)

Scholarship is alive and well in Foursquare. Being able to gather passionate intellectuals together to engage and contribute to these conversations will equip leaders across the globe, in all contexts, and in all denominations, to be effective ministers of the Gospel.

dr. steven felix-jager speaking at FSF

“It was an honor being able to sit and dialogue with Foursquare scholars from around the world! The rich dialogue we entered about global scholarship could have gone for hours! I can’t wait to collaborate with everyone for years to come!” says Foursquare Scholars Fellowship panelist, Dr. Steven Félix-Jäger.

If you’re interested in learning more about or joining the Foursquare Scholars Fellowship, then become a member today.