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Colombia Team

LPU staff members Tannise Collymore and Claudia Belmont partnered with Foursquare Missions International Global Associate Director Aaron Hunter to minister in Colombia. They began their trip in a small Afro-Colombian community on the island of Bocachica. LPU students led service and outreach activities, including teaching English to over 120 children, hosting a care event for the elderly in the community, repainting a classroom, and preaching in multiple Sunday services. They were profoundly transformed by the friendships made and how they saw the Lord bless the people of Bocachica. Kelsey Lord (’25) shared, “The most impactful thing that the Lord taught me while in Colombia is that we must reach those who feel forgotten. So many lovely souls on the island of Bocachica have told us how they felt forgotten by the world and their government.”

Later, in the small town of Laguna, the team partnered with local churches and Foursquare Disaster Relief’s “Road to Hope” ministry to serve Venezuelan refugees. The team helped community members by packing food, distributing clothes, hosting children’s programs, and organizing Mother’s Day events. Student Ana Rees-Thomas reflected, “The Lord has shown His deep love for His people these past two weeks, and it has been a gift to be a part of it. However, something that wrecked me was when we got to pray for Venezuelan refugees and give them new shoes. So many Venezuelans are fleeing to Colombia on foot which completely wears down shoes, but Foursquare Disaster Relief seeks refugees out to pray for and provide food and shoes too.”

The team is grateful to Aaron Hunter (’16), FMI Global Associate Director, and FDR for their incredible partnership and looks forward to partnering with FMI and FDR in the future. Aaron Hunter expressed gratitude to the LPU team, “Thank you so much for coming down and blessing our people here in Bocachica and Laguna. Each local pastor, the team visited gave a positive report on the team’s work, love, and service. I am so proud of each one of the LPU students. They brought the good news of Jesus verbally and with their actions. I pray that God continues to speak to them about how they will be involved in future missions. If anyone one of those LPU students wants to come back and serve in Latin America, they have a place with us! I trust them and see their quality of service.”


  • Hosted a ministry event that served over 25 senior citizens in Bocachica.
  • Participated in an English language learning event for 120 school children in Bocachica.
  • Painted children’s classroom for CDI Fundación El Shadday.
  • Organized a youth service for 50 teenagers in Bocachica.
  • Preached in three Sunday services at Iglesia Cristiana Cuadrangular Bocachica.
  • Hosted two Mother’s Day events for community members in Laguna.
  • Partnered with “Road to Hope” handing out shoes and food to Venezuelan refugees.
  • Facilitated a children’s events with Pastor Adolfo Vera at Four Mountain Village Church Plants.



Greece Team

Global Life’s Greece team, led by Professor Aimee Selby, comprised current students and LPU alumni (representing the graduating classes of 2021, 2020, 2011, and 2002). The team traveled to Lesvos, a small Greek island 2.5 miles off the coast of Turkey, to continue a four-year partnership between LPU and All4Aid, a Christian non-profit dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the women and children living in Europe’s largest refugee camp. For two weeks, the team served in a variety of ways, including teaching self-defense classes, building shelving units, refurbishing a gazebo for the refugees, staffing the food and clothing banks, cutting hair, giving manicures, sewing scrunchies, holding babies, playing with kids, and showing people the love of Jesus.


  • Strengthened a fruitful partnership with All4Aid (https://all4aid.org)
  • Taught self-defense skills to female refugees to defend themselves and their children against gender-based violence and human trafficking.
  • Used various skills and gifts (self-defense, carpentry, cutting and styling hair, nail tech, sewing, artistic skills, worship leading, playing with kids, etc.) to be tangible expressions of love to refugees and a tangible benefit to All4Aid.
  • Deepened understanding of practical theology, taking what they learned in classes and living it out as they served displaced people and were the hands and feet of Jesus.

All4Aid Testimonial

“Displaced people and women have a minimal choice in their everyday life. Whether it is the food they eat or where they live in the camp, these choices are stripped away. At All4Aid, we work daily to restore some of that choice and dignity to the women who come through our doors and share the love of Jesus with them. We have been blessed to experience how a team from LPU can fit into that story and mission. Whether it was teaching self-defense and seeing the excitement in a woman’s eyes when she realizes how strong she is or serving and caring for the women in our hospitality area, LPU team members were actively the hands and feet of Jesus. They honored each woman that came as an image-bearer of God. It was a huge blessing to my team to see how a short-term team with a diverse background and skill set could use their gifts to bless this ministry.” – Danielle Aguilar

Student and Alumni Testimonials

“Before we left for this trip, I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but I think that even if I had some idea, I could have never expected all God had in store for us in those two weeks. I came face to face with mass human suffering and somehow, in the same moment, saw the face of God. Meeting the people I did and seeing the impact of even the small amount of work we were able to do made me realize the almighty goodness and power of God is present in every moment, good and bad.” – Megan Clark

“The trip was important because, during my time with the team/family, I was reminded that everything that we do in the name of Jesus and for Him is not in vain and that He does not waste anything. I was also reminded that what we do for the least of these or one another, we do it to our Master, no matter how that person looks or their religious background. It was my greatest privilege to have been the hands and feet of Jesus and love alongside Aimee and the team to the refugees that came through the doors of All4Aid. Jesus laid down His life for these people. He continued to do so through His surrendered and willing vessels. I give God all of the glory for what He is doing for His people through All4Aid at Lesvos and in other parts of the world!” – Jaime Morales Sanchez

“The trip was filled with impactful memories, ones filled with joy and sorrow. Your emotions and ethical reasoning were challenged and had me kneeling my heart closer to God to process all that we were experiencing. This trip was unforgettable, and the Lord has planted a new love and hope for the refugees. Because of this trip, I will stand with the refugees in prayer and have hope.” – Lesli Hererra

“This trip was eye-opening for me because before going to Lesvos, I’d always heard about the refugee crisis, but I’d never thought about it or formed my own opinion. Seeing and experiencing it for myself was something I have trouble putting into words, but my worldview has shifted, and I wish everyone could get the same experience. Through this trip, God changed the posture of my heart to lean towards supporting refugees in any way I can, even if now that’s not interacting with them directly on the field, but still as an advocate for them, and to continue praying for them.” – Marissa Ryerson

“There is something remarkable about being a hands-on participant in the work of Jesus across the globe. This trip was the kind of breathtaking that leaves you in awe while simultaneously winding you. Truly, my greatest honor was hearing the asylum seekers’ stories and, even if only for a little, being able to carry the burden of their pain and the uncertainty of tomorrow. These beautiful people are resilient, courageous, and strong, and I am better because I got to meet them. I am endlessly grateful not to be the same person I was before this trip.” -– Aby Partida ‘20

“The trip was so rich for me as an alumnus. The trip challenged me to put the gospel into action through mind, body, and spirit. It allowed me to see the eyes of “the least of these.” After the trip, I am confronted with the reality that now that I have seen injustice, poverty, displacement, and suffering, what can I do? Because of the life I have seen on Lesvos, my life and ministry as I know it is forever changed” – Ambar Burt (Villarreal) ‘20

“My time in Greece with global life was life-changing. My heart has expanded for the refugee crisis and journey, and I will never be the same. Our team’s heart was to empower women with skills, tools, and strength that would help protect them and, more than anything, restore confidence and identity to them. That was the best part. There are endless stories I could share of the women I was able to share tables, laughter, and tears with. All4Aid is doing practical, powerful, and deeply restorative work for displaced people. I am so grateful we were able to partner with them and learn from the incredible Kingdom-building they’re doing in Lesvos.” – Savannah Goodell ‘21

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