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Life Pacific University’s July Master’s Residency Week welcomed a record number of graduate students on the San Dimas campus. These passionate new and returning students have heard the call to personal growth, purpose, and biblical education as they pursued studies in Strategic Leadership, Theological Studies, and Leadership (Spanish), as well our new prestigious programs in Counseling and Divinity.

The first year of our Master’s in Business Administration program has also begun, although their program doesn’t require attendance for Residency Week.

As LPU has evolved, our reach has expanded and has allowed us to serve and empower leaders from all corners of the globe, making a profound impact in the Kingdom of God. Over the course of the week, we welcomed esteemed guest presenters during our program’s Open Sessions with Dr. David Moore, Dr. Corey Grinder, Dr. Daniel Prieto, and Dr. Ericka Walters. Students were able to engage in thought-provoking classes with LPU’s high-quality faculty, develop rich relationships with other students and cohorts, as well as worship in chapels while deepening their knowledge and love of God.

These cohorts will be in the LIfe Pacific University history books.

President Angie Richey says, “What a remarkable weekend at Life Pacific University! We warmly welcomed new and returning MA graduate students and proudly launched the Master’s in Counseling, Divinity, and Business Administration programs, spurring excitement and opportunity for 80+ learners and leaders. LPU is proud to have witnessed history made on our San Dimas campus this week”.

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