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University, California

LPU students pursuing their Foursquare pastoral license this semester, as well as last semester’s licensed pastors, gathered for a celebration lunch at the renowned Angeles Temple in downtown LA. Students also had the opportunity to tour the Foursquare Aimee Semple McPherson offices and historic parsonage afterward.

Joining with our Foursquare leaders, many staff and faculty of LPU came out to support and had the honor of praying over the next generation of Foursquare pastors. Foursquare General Supervisor Wendy Nolasco said, “Our opportunity to listen and engage the latest licensee candidates was inspiring! To hear their passion, core convictions and dreams for the future encouraged us of their formative journey at Life Pacific and the continued integral partnership between us. We are partners in the development and mobilization of leaders.”

LPU’s mission for the transformational development of students into leaders prepared to serve God in the church, the workplace and the world was on display, as students Abby Merritt, Carlos Ortiz and CJ Caudle shared. From missions work with refugees, to pastoral ministry within the church, to business as mission, these students were representative of the various callings our students have from God. We are so proud and thrilled to launch these leaders into future ministry.

Congratulations to our future pastors!