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father & son album art - creation of adam line art

University, California

The LIFE Collective, Life Pacific University’s worship ministry based out of our Worship Arts and Media Program, has released its third studio EP entitled Father & Son. ​​

Dr. Steven Felix-Jager, Worship Arts and Media Chair and instrumentalist, writer, and producer on this most recent release, says “Father & Son is our latest EP (extended play) that has 6 tracks all written and produced by WAM students and faculty. Earlier this year we released a full-length album titled “2.16-18” which focused on the universal outpour of the Holy Spirit as recounted in Acts 2. “Father & Son” acts as a counterpart to “2.16-18” and focuses on the first and second persons of the Trinity. Each song promotes theological themes of creation, provision, and redemption. Taken together we get a robust Pentecostal doxology that’s trinitarian and celebrates God’s abundant love”

Album Performances: 

Julia Toomey: student – vocals

Brianna de la Huerta: student  – vocals

Danielle Cipriano: student – vocals

Rachel Harris: student – vocals

Jonathan Maravilla: student – vocals + drums

Matt Stratton: student – vocals + guitar

Alex Villavicencio: student – bass

Steven Félix-Jäger: faculty – bass

Hailey Wells: student – vocals + guitar

Calvin Welch: student – guitar

Ethan Richey: alumni – guitar

David Cortes: student – piano

Andy Wingate: staff – keys

String Arrangement: Sean Barrett.

Album recorded, mixed, and mastered: Steven Félix-Jäger. 

Album Songwriters: 

“Father = Simple”: Jonathan Maravilla, Matt Stratton, Steven Félix-Jäger

“You Can Have It All”: Julia Toomey, Hailey Wells

“Haven”: Rachel Harris

“I’ll Wait”: Brianna de la Huerta, Jenny Donis

“Made For This”: Matt Stratton, Steven Félix-Jäger

Learn more about our Worship Arts & Media Program here.