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University, California

Life Pacific University is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen (Steve) Moore as its new Chief Financial Officer. Moore brings a wealth of experience in finance, operations, and leadership from various industries, providing a comprehensive skill set that will enhance the university’s operations.

Moore’s professional background is marked by accomplishments in strategic planning, operational leadership, and financial management. His expertise in staff development and risk management demonstrates his keen understanding of organizational needs and goals. As a Certified Public Accountant in California, Moore’s professional credentials are noteworthy.

“We are thrilled to welcome Steve to our team, as his expertise and dedication to serving others perfectly align with LPU’s mission. As a new member of the cabinet and ad council he has been making a positive impact from day one,” says President Angie Richey.

Before joining Life Pacific University, Moore worked as an independent CPA, offering valuable financial services such as tax planning, compliance, and business advisory consulting to various clients. His role as Director of Finance at the Long Beach Rescue Mission highlights his dedication to financial excellence within nonprofit settings. Additionally, his experience as Chief Financial Officer at Dickson Testing Company and O’Donnell/Atkins Company showcases his capacity to achieve results and lead successful teams.

Moore’s military background, including his time as a retired Commander in the United States Navy Reserve and a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps, has honed his skills in operational management and team leadership, earning him recognition for his service.

“It is an honor to join the leadership team at Life Pacific University. I am privileged to begin serving alongside such Christ-centered men and women working to deliver excellence in education. I believe there has never been a more important time than now to be preparing the Christian leaders of tomorrow. I look forward to building on the firm financial foundation that has already been put in place and to using my talents to help fully realize God’s plan for LPU”, shares Steve Moore regarding his new role at LPU.

Moore and his family share a deep faith in Christ, and he believes in using his talents to serve others and advance God’s kingdom. His strong calling to help others both practically and spiritually aligns with the university’s mission and values.

Life Pacific University warmly welcomes Moore to his new role and looks forward to benefiting from his strategic vision, operational expertise, and dedication to excellence.