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University, California

LPU was recently awarded a Building Bridges, Deepening Faith Campus Grant through generous support from the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, and Interfaith America. LPU joins a cohort of awardees from other Christian colleges and universities throughout the nation to explore interfaith engagement, build students’ religious literacy, and equip students to lead bridge-building activities with people of diverse faiths, while focusing on reconciliation.

LPU supports the CCCU’s commitment to biblical discipleship that helps students build a resilient faith, enabling them to more deeply understand their own beliefs by engaging with the beliefs of others and learning how to embrace the other, not in spite of, but because of our gracious Christian identity

The grant of $10,000 will enable LPU to host a 2-day seminar on Racial Reconciliation and Interfaith Engagement in the Spring of 2023 and develop a 4-part, non-credit Certificate of Racial Reconciliation and Interfaith Engagement that will be made available free to the public.