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In 2021, Life Pacific University launched an online Biblical Foundations certificate in partnership with Foursquare Missions International to help fill the need for low-cost biblical education and professional development tools that help leaders on their path to growth and success. We are excited to report that…

LPU has awarded its first Biblical Foundations Certificate to Janae Kerr!

Janae is our first graduate from the course, in which many are currently enrolled in the self-paced certificate program.

Janae says, “I was struggling to understand the context of the culture in the Bible when reading the scriptures. Upon taking the classes, I was amazed at how my questions were being answered and gave me the tools to be able to dive deeper on my own.  The knowledge I gained has lit a fire inside of me to help others be able to dive deeper into the Canon. I enjoyed these classes and will continue to recommend the Certificate in Biblical Foundation”.

This marks a milestone moment for LPU as we continue to build forward, impacting students not just on-campus but around the world.

Janae serves in Sterling, Colorado within the Central District of Foursquare Churches.

The Biblical Foundation Certificate is ideal individuals, small groups, or discipleship networks. To learn more about the Biblical Foundations Certificate or to enroll click here or visit lifepacific.edu/certificates.