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campus chaplain dan fernandez preaching on the lpu chapel stage

University, California

Life Pacific University is pleased to announce the launch of our new Certificate in Chaplaincy.

A commitment to life-long learning is essential to be an effective ministry leader but sometimes formal education is not possible due to cost and time constraints. LPU is continuing to launch new online certificate programs for leaders to receive a high-quality education at an unbeatable price.

LPU’s new Certificate in Chaplaincy helps ministry leaders effectively lead as a Chaplain reaching from the church into the workplace and the world. All ministry leaders will find this certificate useful to engage in community response to ongoing challenges and emergencies. This certificate is required to be endorsed as a Chaplain by Foursquare Chaplains International (FCI).

LPU invites all pastors, ministry leaders, and more who feel a call to Chaplaincy to take advantage of this opportunity to experience world-class education at an affordable price point within a Christ-Centered, Spirit-Filled environment.

Rev. Bob Hensel, M.A., Interim Director of Foursquare Chaplains, says “I have been a police chaplain for over 40 years and having a training course like this would have been a Godsend! If you sense a leading or desire to become a chaplain, it is crucial to know and understand what the role entails. Knowing this can help you determine whether this is for you and what your gifts would be best utilized. Chaplaincy is not for everyone, and this course is a wonderful resource to assist you in determining if this is what you’re called to do. While becoming a chaplain can have a profound impact on those you are led to during some of their darkest moments, it will have a great impact on you as well. Throughout this course, you will discover what chaplaincy is and what we do as a chaplain. You will also discover the vast areas of opportunity availed in chaplaincy, which goes far beyond what is the normal assumption of what chaplains are and do”.

Enrolling now. If you or someone you know is interested in applying for this Certificate in Chaplaincy, then get started today.