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Life Pacific University has signed an MOU partnership with Escuela De Formacion Ministerial (EFM) and La Iglesia en el Camino Lieecla for the graduating students of their Bachelor of Theology and Leadership program to be accepted into LPU’s Master’s in Strategic Leadership Spanish Language. This agreement will continue to expand LPU’s Hispanic Initiatives as we strive to increase our capacities as a Hispanic-serving institution.

The connection between EFM and LPU is deeply special, with many of the faculty team at EFM being alumni of the Master’s in Leadership Spanish Language program. This practical application of what has been learned in this LPU graduate program by these alumni is already reaping Kingdom impact.

Dr. Hugo Aldana, the Director of Hispanic Initiatives at LPU, shares that, “Today marks a historic milestone because the EFM School and LPU have signed an agreement to continue building the Kingdom of God by training ministers and leaders for the church and the community. EFM-College will offer its associate and bachelor’s degrees in theology and leadership, where graduate students can continue their studies in the Master of Leadership program at LPU. There is no doubt that dozens of students will be able to benefit from this joint work. We celebrate what God is doing! An unprecedented fact is that EFM-Collage teachers are primarily graduates of the LPU graduate school. We congratulate Dr. Ruarte for such an outstanding achievement. These connections are necessary to advance the Kingdom in our country. EFM College management receives our recognition and congratulations for such an exceptional achievement”.

A special thanks to the Director of Hispanic Initiatives Dr. Hugo Aldana, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Daniel Ruarte,  President Dr. Angie Richey, and Hispanic Initiatives Coordinator Debbie Bravo, M.A. for their dedication to creating partnerships in the Hispanic community and beyond.

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