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dr aldana smiling with pastor ricardo and his holding a certificate

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Life Pacific University’s Director of Hispanic Initiatives, Dr. Hugo Aldana, traveled to Colombia to sign a partnership agreement with the VIDA Bible Institute led by Colombia’s Foursquare leader, Pastor Ricardo Guerrero. The primary conversations and arrangements were managed by the department coordinator,  Débora Bravo, who also arranged for both the president of the Charismatic Church in Colombia, Pastor Arturo Andrade, and its national director of education, Pastor Ricardo Guerrero, to be linked to the program of Master’s in Leadership from our institution in the Spring 2024 Cohort.

Dr. Aldana shares, “We thank God because, in January 2024, we signed an agreement with the VIDA Bible Institute of the Foursquare Charismatic Christian Church of Colombia. We have started working to standardize said theological institution so its students can attend LPU. We celebrated the opening of the church president, Pastor Arturo Andrade, and its education director, Pastor Ricardo Guerrero. We hope that this relationship that has begun will bring many benefits to the denomination. Thank God for LPU, which opens its arms to work and brings Latin America closer to the programs of the alma matter of the Church of the Foursquare Gospel”.

Dr. Aldana was invited to lead two workshops – The Gifts of the Holy Spirit and Road to Higher Education – at the national convention for the Foursquare Charismatic Christian Church of Colombia which was hosted by Pastor Arturo Andrade. While in attendance at this convention, Dr. Aldana signed an academic agreement between Life Pacific University and VIDA Biblical Institute to continue to foster a partnership between LPU and the Hispanic community in Latin America. Our Hispanic Initiatives are working to continuously equip and empower Hispanic leaders across the globe and this partnership is another step in that direction.

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