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jasmine's movie posterIn a stunning triumph for budding filmmaker Jasmine McLemore, an LPU freshman majoring in Media and Communications, has been honored with two prestigious awards at the South Coast Alliance Film Festival for her remarkable short film “Still Good”. The festival, focused on revolutionizing how faith-inspired filmmaking impacts the entertainment industry and the audiences who view these films, recognized McLemore’s extraordinary vision with the titles of “Best Short Film” and “Best Storytelling.”

“Still Good,” is a poignant exploration of a family’s heart-wrenching journey through the loss of a stillborn child, taking viewers on a deeply emotional journey, shedding light on the family’s resilience and unwavering faith as they find moments of God’s goodness amidst their tragedy.

jasmine and andy sitting in chairs and talking to a classJasmine McLemore’s debut as a filmmaker showcases her exceptional talent in storytelling, cinematography, and direction. Her ability to craft honest and courageous stories is garnering her well-deserved recognition from peers and the industry.

“It is awesome to see Jasmine’s talent recognized,” said Media & Communications Chair Andrew Hawksworth. “Her passion to give voice to the unseen and unspoken is evident in every frame of ‘Still Good,’ and we are crazy excited to see her continue to shine as a filmmaker!”


Audiences can experience the story for themselves here.

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