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University, California

Life Pacific University hosted the annual Theology Week, with special guests Rev. Aaron Calhoun, Dr. Jennifer Miskov, and Dr. Amos Yong. Over the course of the week, chapels were focused on theological topics as well as quick talks were provided by all 3 speakers, which will be included in LPU’s Chaplaincy Certificate Program that launches in summer 2023.

This year’s Theology Week was focused on Racial Reconciliation and Interfaith Dialogue in partnership with Dr. Steven Felix-Jager, the Worship Arts and Media program chair who received the Calvin Grant this past year to host these events. Rev. Aaron Calhoun discussed racial reconciliation in the Church and how Christians can be partnered in bringing biblical justice and unity. Dr. Jennifer Miskov discussed Revivalist History and the importance of remembering the revivals that brought the Church to where it is today. Dr. Amos Yong spoke on the concept of Interfaith dialogue and how to align theologically with the biblical model of interfaith relationships and how to model this important topic in daily living.

Theology Week was a success with our students, staff, faculty, and wonderful guest pastors and scholars that joined both in-person and online over the course of the week.