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On March 17, LPU-VA, in partnership with Dr. Tammy Dunahoo and The Foursquare Church, held their Spring Residency Day, where Residency Network Leaders traveled to Christiansburg, Virginia. This new format of partnering both Residency Day + Preview provided Foursquare leaders an opportunity to bring students for Preview and initiate relational pathways for students preparing to participate in the 2+2 Residency Program. Learn More.

The Residency Day launched with an equipping session. LPU President Angie Richey, LMFT, gave an overview of Gen Z, and Brian James McMahon, M.S., LMFT, shared on this generation’s emotional and mental health needs. Next, Dr. Tammy Dunahoo taught about the value of establishing a growth culture at a Residency site. The second half of the day consisted of Residency Stations, where current students connected with Residency Site leaders to hear more about each ministry opportunity. It concluded with a night of laughter, fun, and friendship as students formed relationships with valuable networks. Spring preview began the next day.

“Being on campus for the LPU-VA residency day gave me hope for our future! Students met with various pastors to discuss their future residency and ministry hopes. I’m so grateful to the pastors and churches who are giving themselves to develop young leaders.” –Dr. Tammy Dunahoo, The Foursquare Church

“With unified leadership and a reignited passion from Foursquare pastors, board members, and leaders, the east and west campuses of Life Pacific University are entering a miraculous season of significance, not only for our denomination, but for the global church.” – Pastor Dale Jenkins

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If you have not been here for some time – come and visit! As the Psalmist would say, “taste and see” – because it IS good!!!! – Professor Debbie Courtney

“Foursquare pastors and leaders – this is OUR university! Two campuses for one cause!” –Pastor Dale Jenkins, Lead Pastor at New Hope Worship Center

Wow! I am excited about what God is doing on the campus of LPUVA. Some of the things that I had to learn the “hard way” are being taught on campus to help prepare students when they step beyond the walls of LPUVA.”- Pastor Jake Cordell, Lead Pastor at The Bridge Community Church

“Residency Day was so great! It was encouraging hearing the vision for this program. Meeting the LPU-VA students who are seeking out a Residency experience was a breath of fresh air! These students are poised and ready to use their calling and skillsets to change the world!”- Pastor Lisa Gordon, Associate Pastor at New Hope Worship Center

“Pastors and parents, send your students to LPU or LPU-VA and they will experience transformational development as leaders for God in the church, workplace, and the world. They get a quality education and life and ministry formation for wherever God will call them.”- Dr. Tammy Dunahoo

About LPUVA: In 2020, LPU and LPU-VA merged under one board, one cabinet, for one mission – the transformational development of students into leaders. The San Dimas campus has traditional 2 and 4-year on-campus degrees and intercollegiate athletics. The Christiansburg campus has a traditional 2-year on-campus program combined with a 2-year online and residency program. Learn more.

LPU VA preview students posing for photoProfessor at LPUVA greets preview students

LPUVA preview students pose after winning scholarshipLPUVA staff praying for preview students