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Photo of Professor Mark DuzikProfessor Duzik, Program Chair of the Biblical Studies program and beloved longstanding faculty of the university, was selected by his peers as the 2022 Professor of the Year, the highest honor awarded annually to LPU faculty. Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Daniel Ruarte says, “Professor Duzik has a reputation for excellence in teaching as well as a commitment to mentoring LPU students. I want to congratulate him on behalf of the faculty and Academic Office. We are so blessed to have him!” When reflecting on this award, Mark noted, “I am very grateful that my friends have noticed how I try to teach well. It’s wonderful to be honored by colleagues we respect so much.”

During his tenure at LPU, which began in 1989, a constant thread has always been teaching students the why and how content of the Bible. However, Mark has touched several additional aspects of the school we see today. Mark helped former LPU President Jack Hamilton raise the resources to move the college campus from its historic Echo Park location to the San Dimas campus where it is located today. He also helped re-engineer the registrar position, which included the move to a modern PC computer system. Mark also helped develop and chair LPU’s first WASC-accredited major, Biblical Studies, and was part of the team tasked in earning our initial WASC accreditation. The development of the Master’s in Theological Studies program was an additional area Mark has given insight and support to.

A jack of all trades, with a heart to teach and serve, Mark has touched many lives. Prof. Jim W. Adams says “Mark has indelibly “marked” hundreds of students,” and Prof. Lucia Sanders agrees. She states, “Many students, myself a former one, count his classes as transformational to how they see the Bible working in their lives.” President Angie Richey echoes the sentiments of his peers by saying, “Professor Mark Duzik is a gift to the University! He is known for unwavering dedication to his students, care for his colleagues, and commitment to excellence in everything he does. He has poured his life into teaching students how to study and love the Bible for over three decades. He is so deserving of this award!”

To celebrate LPU’s distinguished faculty, the City of San Dimas Chamber of Commerce provides a plaque for engraving the names of Life Pacific’s Professor of the Year recipients. Professor Mark Duzik’s name joins those of esteemed colleagues: Dr. Mick Bates, who was the first recipient of the award in 2016; Dr. Karen Tremper, in 2017; Dr. Dan Stewart, in 2018, Dr. Gayle Samples in 2019, Dr. Steven Felix-Jager in 2020, and Professor Aimee Selby in 2021.



“I love Mark Duzik!  We all love Mark Duzik!  Why?  Because he first loved us!  I first met Mark as a student where he taught me how to correctly study the Greek NT.  At the same time, Mark introduced me to the finer principles of teaching.  I soon became a “so-called” colleague of Professor Duzik during which he continued to teach me about pedagogy.  But more importantly, to love God and students as Mark loved me!  Mark has played a vital and indispensable role at LPU with his hard work spread across every area of our institution.  Professor Duzik’s legacy also extends across history and the globe as he has indelibly “marked” hundreds of students who have and currently love God and others as he loved us!” – Prof. Jim W. Adams

“Mark Duzik is an amazing, dedicated professor who has loved and valued his students every day he is in the classroom. Many students, myself as a former one, count his classes as transformational to how they see the Bible working in their lives. He is a foundational part of this institution, and he has had an immense impact on every student who has passed through our programs.” – Prof. Lucia Sanders, M.A., Faculty, Director of Academic Support Center

Mark Duzik has been a leader both at work and in the classroom for over 30 years. Year after year he scores among the highest in course evaluations. Mark is obviously our most senior member of the faculty. He has immeasurably impacted countless students as well as all our own faculty and academic programs. He not only models excellent pedagogy in the class but he regularly mentors students who want to be teachers to do the same. He is regularly sought out by other faculty for his classroom techniques. As Chair of the Bible and Theology program Mark regularly attends and leads recruitment endeavors for the school. He and his wife attend many of the student life activities and are often asked to represent the faculty at these events. We can confidently say that Mark will go down as one of the “legends” of LPU.

Inside the classroom, Mark is a master teacher and developer of curriculum. He truly is a teacher of teachers. Mark has consistently received high course evaluations and it is more than obvious that our students love him! Mark has also spent hundreds of hours outside of the classroom mentoring students as well as our adjunct faculty. His own curriculum development and his strategic use of sound pedagogical principles has transformed how our faculty teach their courses which positively impacts our students. Mark has been the primary developer of the Bible/Theology program as it stands today as well as numerous accompanied assessment tools with both becoming standard examples for our other programs.

Mark has played crucial roles in LPU’s accreditation processes and especially for our institution acquiring WASC accreditation. He has given his life to see LPU become an institution that does what it claims to do. All his tireless work for LPU, though, is always for the success of our students to show and teach Christ in the church, the workplace, and the world. As Mark recently stated, “Legacy at an institution in the end does not matter; what matters is the students! I have been able to spend my life well by being with and teaching students”.

No one has impacted our students and institution more than Mark Duzik!


Mark Duzik has served Life Pacific University for over 30 years in a variety of roles. He received his B.A. from LIFE, M.A. from Azusa Pacific University, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D.in New Testament Studies through Asia Life University. A New Testament generalist, Mark teaches courses on the Gospels, Romans, 1 Peter, and Greek at LIFE and Azusa Pacific University. He has been married to his much-better half for nearly forty years and has four delightful daughters.

Associate Professor, Chair of Biblical Studies Program

B.A., Life Pacific University, 1981; M.A., Azusa Pacific University, 1997

Fun Fact
Mark has a cardboard cutout of Spock in his office, who bids visitors, “Live long and prosper.”

To connect with Mark and to learn more about Life Pacific’s Biblical Studies program, visit www.lifepacific.edu/