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new students standing together in a group photo smiling under Sunrise Christian billboard

University, California

Life Pacific University welcomed incoming students for the new semester with New Student Orientation and City Serve.

As the new Warriors both moved onto campus and familiarized themselves with campus life as commuters there was excitement in the air. Students met staff and faculty, ate in the cafeteria, had their first class, celebrated with a Dedication Service, and got the chance to serve the city through City Serve.

Campus Chaplain, Pastor Dan Fernandez, encouraged the new members of the LPU, by sharing “Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s not from God. If He called you to LPU, He will provide and see you through this season”.

City Serve is a time set aside during every New Student Orientation, both Fall and Spring, where students get the chance to serve the San Dimas community. Jesus modeled a life of service and LPU is committed to continuing that mission and calling as we empower young adults, through education and practical service, to be transformational leaders prepared to serve God in the Church, the workplace, and the world. Service is in the DNA of LPU, and it’s an honor to continue this legacy during this year’s NSO with Sonrise Christian School.

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