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pastor dan sharing in front of the pastors about discipleship

University, California

Life Pacific University hosted its first-ever NextGen Luncheon, designed to bring together NextGen leaders from the local area to connect, equip, and partner together for their ministries. With almost 75 children, youth, and young adult pastors in attendance, this was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the value and importance of discipleship in ministry toward this next generation.

Dr. Tim Lee, Chair of Ministry and Theology, shares his excitement for connecting LPU with local nextgen leaders when he shares “LPU has always been most successful when we enjoy active and healthy partnerships with the many leaders in the field who are raising up the next generation. It is an honor to host NextGen leaders on our campus and encourage them to continue their good work and be equipped by our LPU team in their mission”.

Led by campus chaplain, Dan Fernandez, this designated time for NextGen leaders will become a consistent event and resource from LPU. The next NextGen Luncheon will be hosted at Warrior Preview on March 8th or 9th, with a forum event being planned for 2025.

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