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University, California

The Holy Spirit has been pouring out on campus at Life Pacific University. We have seen students be healed, experience salvation, and choose to get baptized in response to an encounter with the presence of God.

The same week LPU hosted the Centennial Tent Revival, a revival broke out among college students at Asbury University. There has been a visitation of the Holy Spirit’s power at LPU. The community is leaning in with humility – from all-night prayer meetings, repentance, and worship gatherings to baptisms in the chapel. Students and staff are experiencing healing, joy, and renewal. We are celebrating all God is doing in and through Life Pacific University. As Campus Chaplain, Dan Fernandez has shared “this is not only a visitation from God but an invitation by God to see the Spirit move in all our spaces.”

Beloved Ministry Professor, Dr. Tim Lee, who oversaw a student-led 10-hour worship service birthed from a Tuesday chapel, says:

“Revival is difficult to nail down; but among many things, it is always seen in the context of prayerful hunger for God’s loving presence. In the past few weeks, we have seen students take and create every opportunity to lean in with God and seen God respond in power with the fruit of prophetic words, physical healings, and salvation. May it continue!”

Staff and faculty aren’t the only ones stepping into leadership roles as the Spirit’s power unfolds in the community at LPU. Current Resident Assistant, Kelsey Lord, shares her views on what she has seen God do. Kelsey has stepped up to facilitate prayer walks in the dorm rooms and across campus, assisted her residents in navigating the spiritual aspects of “revival”, and more.

She says, “God is making a way in the wilderness for His glory on campus. The darkness and bondage that the devil has tried to hold students in is coming to light. God is working through deliverance. warfare, and community unlike ever before. He is working and ministering to the leaders and students on this campus”

At Life Pacific University, we believe in the power of young adults who are hungry for the presence of God. It isn’t a coincidence that the Lord is showing up on college campuses.

President Angie Richey says, “There is a battle for our young people, their minds, and their worldviews. Schools are at the center of influence. Now’s the time to invest in the next generation and the University. Together, we can make a difference, send transformative leaders, and win the world for Christ”

Dr. Daniel Ruarte, Provost of LPU shared his thoughts on the outbreak of God’s power across the nation being rooted in college campuses such as Asbury University and Life Pacific University.

He says, “What is happening at Asbury University and other Christian Colleges is no surprise to God. The Lord is ready to make a special impact on this generation that will have eternal consequences. Interestingly, he is choosing educational institutions for this move. The focus is not the gathering of a crowd but on seeking Him, worshipping Him, crying out to Him, surrendering to Him, living out for Him.”

This is just the beginning of what God is doing in our current world. Our prayer is that there continues to be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, signs and wonders, and a genuine, authentic desire for God’s presence on college campuses, churches, and in people across the globe.