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This past year, Life Pacific University was awarded the Building Bridges, Deepening Faith Campus Grant through generous support from the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, and Interfaith America. This grant awarded LPU with $10,000 which enabled LPU to develop a 4-part, non-credit Certificate of Racial Reconciliation and Interfaith Engagement which was to be made available to the public for free.

This grant was received through the hard work and visionary leadership of Dr. Steven Felix-Jager, LPU’s Worship Arts and Media Program Chair. He states. “We are happy to announce LPU’s free, open-access certificate titled A Pentecostal Commitment to Racial Reconciliation and Interfaith Dialogue.” It is no secret that the world is deeply divided and often marked by conflicts and injustices. Because racial and religious tensions are particularly painful and divisive, these difficult subjects need our urgent attention. We believe the church needs sound Christian teaching on these matters, and that Pentecostals can supply a unique voice and perspective. We pray that this certificate will enrich our brothers and sisters’ lives and ministries!

LPU’s Open Access Certificate: A Pentecostal Commitment To Racial Reconciliation & Interfaith Dialogue, is now available.  Through this certificate, you can immerse yourself in the study of racial reconciliation and interfaith dialogue, and earn an open-access certificate that recognizes your commitment to fostering unity, mutual respect, and understanding among diverse communities. By engaging with the three provided modules, you will be able to fully understand and demonstrate how Pentecostalism’s rich history and global identity offer an appropriate vocabulary and grammar to address matters of race and interfaith dialogue.

This open-access certificate highlights the urgency of addressing issues of racial and religious division in the world today. The four modules will demonstrate the Pentecostal narrative’s role in tackling these important topics. Pentecostalism, a global movement, has grown exponentially since the 1980s, reflecting a complex interplay of local, transnational, and global engagements. Pentecostal social ethics emphasize the importance of reconciliation, not just justice, in building a more equitable society.

The four modules are taught by Dr. Steven Felix-Jager, Dr. Jennifer Miskov, Rev. Aaron Calhoun, and Dr. Amos Yong. These veteran leaders, pastors, and scholars share their insights on Revival and Reconciliation, Empowered Peacemaking, and Building Interfaith Bridges.

After engaging with each module, there will be a provided quiz. By participating in this quiz, you have the opportunity to test your understanding of the principles and values that shape the Pentecostal perspective on promoting unity, addressing historical injustices, and engaging in constructive dialogue across diverse racial and religious communities. Successful completion of this quiz will earn you a certificate, recognizing your knowledge and commitment to this important topic.

Begin engaging on this crucial topic today, and get started on receiving your Racial Reconciliation and Interfaith Engagement Certificate through LPU.