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Life Pacific University desires to equip students of all majors to be successful post-graduation, whether they go on to serve God in the Church, the workplace, or anywhere else they are called. In order to fulfill this commitment to the LPU student body, it is a requirement for all students to complete an internship that relates to their major of choice over the course of their education at Life Pacific. 

Through our Office of Calling and Vocation, LPU connects students with various internship opportunities or empowers them in internship roles they have already obtained. We are intentional about coming alongside students and making sure they are plugged into an internship that suits them, their gifts, and their future dreams for their lives. 

There are many students currently fulfilling their internship requirements. Here are a few of their stories:

Hannah Russell // Junior // Business Administration Major hannah russell riding a camel

Hannah is serving in an internship in the Middle East. 

She says “I am currently working for two local businesses: one that serves refugees and the other a language learning center. I am also volunteering in prison visitations, a health class for refugees, and home visits. One thing I have learned from being here is the importance of community and unity in our work. In general, I have not experienced this level of collaboration and coordination in the places I have worked in the States. Here, I realize if we don’t work together, we won’t succeed. We must lay down some of our own expectations and goals for the greater good of the whole. I am encouraged when I see many people from different backgrounds and organizations all working together. The cross-cultural learning environment here is perfect for this internship. Everywhere I go, I meet people from around the world, and yet we are all interconnected. It makes the world seem very small. Having the opportunity to experience and analyze business practices in a multicultural environment is helping me understand the dynamics of international business in greater depth. I hope that this is the first of many internships offered in this region through LPU. It is truly a holistic and transformative experience”. 

Ethan Schmoll // Junior // Mass Communications Major ethan schmoll headshot

Ethan is currently interning in Krakow, Poland with Foursquare Missions International, under Travis Mielonen. 

Ethan says “I got back from Portugal last week from an international conference with the company, so it’s fair to say that I am kept busy throughout my internship. I am getting the opportunity to travel and learn through hands-on experience. LPU has shaped me by gifting me many professors that have helped me along the way. This internship role is also helping me better understand myself and what I want to do after graduating LPU”.

Jimmy Rodriguez // Senior // Business Administration Major jimmy rodriguez headshot

“The company I am doing my internship through is called Electroplate Rack Company. Some of the duties that have been assigned to me are assisting the supervisor at the Electroplate Rack Company, as well as shadowing employees and helping them perform tasks like clerical tasks or making sales. I’m learning to be willing to accept new responsibilities that are given to me. 

Life Pacific has helped me become a better person and embrace a leadership role. I feel this has helped prepare me for my current position at Electroplate Rack Company. This internship is providing me with the experience that I need to be successful at my future career and helping me understand what it takes to run a business if I ever decide to start a one of my own”. 

Kimberly Stewart // Senior // Human Development and Psychology Major kim stewart headshot

Kimberly is currently fulfilling her internship at the Life Pacific University Admissions Office, serving under our Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing, Jason Flecther. 

She says, “I am working as the Campus Visit and Events Coordinator, but for my internship, I am focusing on spending time with the student workers. With those student workers, I help create their schedules, plan training meetings, and check-in meetings, as well as assist them with their timecards. In the Admissions Office, we have three different student worker types. First, the travel student representatives and their role requires them to go on the road to college fairs and church visits. The second position is our tour guides, and these students focus on making a student’s on-campus experience and visit worthwhile. The last position is our chat team, and these students call prospective students to invite them to upcoming events as well as help them fill out online applications. I help assist all these student worker groups, which has given me practical experience as a leader and supervisor”.