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4 males students and 2 male police officers smiling at the camera in a group photo

University, California

At Life Pacific University, we are committed to creating an educational experience that doesn’t just encourage students to take tests, write papers, and learn valuable head knowledge, but also empowers them to take what is learned within the walls of the classroom and into their local communities.

With Christ at the center of our education at LPU, many professors are given the opportunity to encourage students to take part in this mission through assignments throughout the course. Professor Aimee Selby teaches Foundations for Global Engagement – a course designed to educate students about how the Gospel fits into the Global Kingdom context both internationally and locally. One of the assignments, the Kingdom Response Assignment, given to her students is to go out into the local community and bring the light of Jesus through quick gestures, volunteering, and more.

A group of male students, Andrew Alcaraz, Dean McBride, Aiden Ornelas, and Josh Tirtasamudra took this assignment to heart and made sure they went the extra mile to bless the community by practically demonstrating God’s love. For their Kingdom Response Project, they chose to show the love of Jesus to police officers at the Covina Police Department, by delivering pies, thank you notes, and scripture cards to the officers. The Covina Police Department was so touched, they responded by giving LPU a shoutout on their social media account!

Professor Selby says, “This assignment gives students an opportunity to express their faith in a tangible way by identifying and addressing a need within our community. This group felt that police officers are often not thanked for all the ways they serve and protect our community so they wanted make sure our local police men and women know that they are seen, valued, and loved both by LPU and by the Lord!”

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