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students + professor standing in front of the mural that states "yesterday, today and forever"

University, California

In honor of the upcoming Centennial Year for Life Pacific University, a student project was commissioned to design and paint a mural that honors the last 100 years of this institution. The intention of this art piece is for it to be temporary and will only be up throughout 2023.

The mural sports our Centennial Year’s theme “Yesterday, Today & Forever,” – as reflected in Hebrews 13:8 – and utilizes LPU’s school colors.

The “Yesterday” side is yellow, gold and white with blue lettering and in old-timey, retro typography.

The “Forever” side is blue, light blue, and white, with yellow letting in a futuristic, minimalist font.

These panels meet in the middle with a design that sports both yellow and blue, and their mixture, green, and the word “Today” in a contemporary font.

Dr. Steven Felix-Jager says, “This mural was designed to reflect that our “today” is a combination of yesterday’s legacy and tomorrow’s promise”.

Dr. Steven Felix-Jager led a team of students to complete this mural over the span of several weeks. The mural was designed by current student, Katelyn Crocker. The mural was painted by students including Saysha Brown, Lauren Stiles, Megan Carrillo, Chandler Sargent, Anna Stolley, Jaz Hughes, and Alex Villavicencio.