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University, California

A value that is highly upheld at Life Pacific is a consistent presence of service in the community, building bridges between LPU and the city of San Dimas. City Serve encourages our students to embrace a servant’s heart as Jesus did. This generation values service and giving back more than ever, so City Serve is a chance to empower them.

Our new students got the opportunity to work with McKinley Foster Care, One&All Church, Lone Hill Middle School, and Charter Oak Mobile Home Estates (Senior Living). Led by our Vice President of Student Life George Bostanic, Resident Life Director Maria McCracken, Assistant Resident Life Director Luke Kosmas, and Women’s Basketball Coach Kyler Kennedy, City Serve was a success. This event gave our new students the chance to connect with each other and our staff and faculty in a meaningful way through shared experience.

Luke Kosmas shares his experience with City Serve as he writes, “City Serve was not only such a great opportunity to serve our local community, but one of my favorite aspects of the outreach is having conversations with new students during whichever task we have. It’s great to have space to dive deeper in the fast-paced NSO weekend”.

According to an incoming student, Alejandro Garcia (‘25), “It was a great experience because we were able to serve the community around us and show the love of God to people who may have never experienced it. And that’s what it’s all about, loving and serving others the same way Jesus loved us”.