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University, California

Life Pacific University hosted its Tent Revival event, celebrating the Centennial Year of the institution. Inspired by the historic  Tent Revivals held in the Los Angeles era by Sister Aimee Semple Mcpherson, modern worship, technology, creative arts, and diverse speakers were used to communicate the Gospel message and make space for revival like was seen in 1923.

LPU had the honor of welcoming 600 friends, family, and community members for a night of worship and celebration. Joined by guests like Matthew Barnett, Dr. Dorthea O’Quinn, Rev. Mario Barahona, Dr. Tommy Walker, Dr. Marion Ingegneri, and John Stratton and the worship collective The Rivers, this time of worship and receiving timely words from the Lord was set up to usher in a new season of revival as was modeled by Sister Aimee’s spiritual movement that launched LPU and the Foursquare Church.