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a group of female residents smiling while they accept their award on stage

University, California

Life Pacific University hosted The Aimee’s, the annual on-campus Christmas short film competition that is beloved by the LPU community.

Creativity, the arts, and storytelling are part of the rich heritage and legacy of Life Pacific University. The Aimee’s, named for our founder Sister Aimee Semple Mcpherson, is a long-held tradition where our students create compelling films for the holidays and compete for the top awards. Those competing are divided up by their floors in the Residence Halls, with healthy competition created between on-campus residents and commuters. After these films are created, all students, staff, faculty, and guests gather for an “Oscars-style” award ceremony, where awards are presented after being judged by a group of staff and faculty. There is a red carpet, photo booth, refreshments, hosts, presenters, and more.

Winners List: 

Floor Participation: E3 Ring By Spring: A Christmas Horror // RA: Lauren Costello

Production Design + Editing: E2 The 12 Realms of Christmas // RA: Natalie Richey

Entertainment Value: D2 A Kidsmas Story // RA: Kelsey Lord

People’s Choice: F2 Starmanji // RA: Anthony Brunske

Quality Content + Creativity: F1 How To with F1 // RA: Vince Avina 

Best Overall Video: E2 12 The Realms of Christmas // RA: Natalie Richey

Best Female Actress: Clarissa Macias

Best Male Actor: Vince Avina