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Life Pacific University is offering a Biblical Foundations Certificate for leaders to receive a high-quality education at an unbeatable price. Enroll now to earn a Certificate in Inductive Bible Study which will sharpen your skills for pastoral ministry and teaching!

This Certificate is for:

  • Full-time pastors without a chance to enroll in full-time education.
  • Leaders who want to obtain Scriptural foundations.
  • Personal followers of Jesus who want to refine their biblical knowledge.

This Biblical Foundations Certificate is designed for those who are committed to life-long learning but see how formal education is not possible due to cost and time constraints in their personal life. Life Pacific wants to bridge this gap with this certificate.


LPU is accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education and the WASC Senior College and University Commission. Students will benefit from our team of world-class faculty and staff who are top-of-the-line servant leaders. However, the online certificate program is designed as a not-for-credit program which allows us to offer it at a very low cost. Students will have the option to choose between a Standard Track and Advanced Track. Students in the Advanced Track will complete additional work which provides the opportunity to qualify for Credit for Prior Learning towards an accredited degree program at LPU.

Schedule + Workload

When you enroll in the certificate program, you will have the option to choose from the standard track or advanced track. Students in the Standard Track can expect each course to take approximately 40 hours. Students in the Advanced Track can expect each course to take approximately 80 hours due to additional requirements. You can complete each course on your own time and at your own pace. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in virtual webinars and events to connect with others in the program.

Courses Offered

Understanding the Biblical Story

This course focuses on the content of the Old and New Testaments with an emphasis on biblical interpretation.

Fact sheet available here.

Developing Skills for Biblical Interpretation

This course focuses on the process and practice of biblical interpretation.

Fact sheet available here.

Getting to Know the Biblical Audience and Cultural Background

This course analyzes and highlights the importance of knowing the biblical audience and cultural background of Scripture and its implications on our theology and faith.

Fact sheet available here.

The Life and Ministry of Jesus

This course dives deep into a biblical and theological understanding of the life and ministry of Jesus.

Fact sheet available here.

Throughout this 4-course program, students are enriched by weekly lectures and sessions from high-quality speakers. You will learn from world-class professors and guest speakers like Dr. Jim W. Adams, Dominic Partida, M.A., Tammy Dunahoo, M.Div., Dr. Daniel Ruarte, + more! 


Each certificate is offered for only $340 for the entire certificate.

Student Stories

Life Pacific University has already awarded two of these Biblical Foundations Certificates to Janae Kerr and Candie Farquhar. Here is what they have to say:

Janae says, “I enjoyed the videos and the perspective of reading the Bible as one big story. I really appreciate the walk through God’s redemptive love and restoration through the Old Covenant. I would recommend this class to someone!”

Read more from Janae here.

Candie says, “My name is Candie Farquhar and I enjoyed reading the books. I loved the insight and the details it gave about why things were written the way they were in the Bible. The topic I enjoyed the most was the way the class broke down the Bible into Acts and how to read it. I would recommend this class. Thank you for offering it!

How to Sign Up

New students are enrolled on the first Monday of every month! You must submit your application and payment at least five business prior to the next enrollment date to join on time.

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To register click here.