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University, California

Life Pacific University hosted the fall Business as Missions Roundtable & Luncheon with powerhouse business leaders in the community who came to share their wisdom with current students, alumni, and guests. The panelists joining our Business Adminstration Chairs, Professor Jeffrey Bird, M.A. and Dr. Frans Flores, are among the best in their field:

Aly Salz, US Foursquare BAM Network Lead | CEO, Righteous Clothing

Anthony Barton | Founder & President, The Safe Companies | Global Entrepreneurial Missionary

Carlos Mayen Solozano | CEO at Chick-fil-A-Franchise | Professor| Church Leader

Terolyn Phinnise | President, Titus STEAM Prep Academy | Senior Software Compliance Officer

Lester Baron | Investment Advisor, Transamerica | Business Ministry Leader, Abundant Living Church

Elaine Yamasaki | CEO, Luminaite| Church Planter| Church Social Entrpreneur

From networking to practical application exercises, the Business as Mission Roundtable is designed to empower the current and  future marketplace leaders for the Kingdom of God. Whether one’s vocational calling is pastor, student, teacher, business owner, marketplace minister/employer, or evangelist; the call is from God and is equally high in value. These roundtables are designed to illuminate that truth in a like-minded community of business-called believers.

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