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In a dynamic convergence of spirituality, neuroscience, and mental health Life Pacific University launched its inaugural online MA in Counseling cohort in July welcoming 20 aspiring graduate students to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming adept clinical counselors, armed with a profound capacity to seamlessly integrate spirituality into their practice.

The Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) program, a hallmark of academic excellence, shapes students into mental health professionals rooted in robust psychological theory, research acumen, and spiritual formation. The cohort’s immersive experience commenced with a comprehensive on-campus week, highlighted by a profound field excursion to a nearby retreat center, Mater Dolorosa. Here, students immersed themselves in transformative mindfulness practices, engaged in the ancient art of lectio divina, honed the art of silence and listening, and delved deep into the realms of self-reflection.

For the newly appointed Chair, Dawn Houk, LMFT, LPCC, and the Counseling Psychology faculty, the symbiotic interplay of spirituality, neuroscience, and mental health stands paramount. As students delved into their own narratives, a profound realization emerged: the landscape of their inner lives and mental well-being profoundly shapes their efficacy as healers, whether in ecclesiastical settings or the broader marketplace.

Student feedback has been nothing short of exceptional, with a resounding affirmation of the program’s transformative impact.

“Life-changing is the best way to describe my journey right now with MAC program and Residency. As we all started the class with much uncertainty and fears, the week at residency proved to be one of the most reassuring moments of my life. Through meaningful teaching and cohort experiences, I left with such confidence and spiritual growth, awareness, and passion. I am extremely excited to be on this journey and know that this is only the beginning of an impacting chapter in my life and those that I will soon serve”, Oscar Ochoa, Youth Sunrise Facility Administrator, Youth Pastor, Lake City Foursquare, Moses Lake, WA.

“I wanted to do the MAC program because I know it’s the next step in fulfilling my calling as a counselor. I am grateful for the transformation I’ve experienced so far and the tools I am continually learning. Every week I am more equipped to be an agent of healing to those around me, and I have already begun to see the impact of my learning on my communities”, Shelly-Ann Verdeja Youth and Young Adults Pastor, Los Angeles, CA.

“The MAC residency week was one of the most impactful weeks of my life. It propelled me into the program academically and laid the foundation for deep and lifelong relationships with my classmates. I’m convinced there’s no other program in the world that fosters this kind of depth, diversity of experience, and opportunity for both individual and collective growth”, Jocelyn Allen, Assisting Minister, Grace Foursquare Church, Meridian, Idaho.

“I returned from residency week refreshed, recharged, and excited to start the MAC program at LPU. I felt so blessed as a student after residency week to have had the president of LPU, Dr. Angie Richey, and Professor Dawn Houk pour into us and give so much of themselves to us during the week. This program blends the spiritual aspect of mental health with the psychological and what is desperately needed in our churches and society”, Kristin Waterhouse, Teacher’s Aide, Forsyth, IL.

To develop future counselors, therapists, and care pastors in a variety of contexts, the accredited curriculum is meticulously designed to equip students with mastery in vital domains:

  1. Assessment & Diagnosis Proficiency in evidence-based assessment, diagnosis, and therapeutic interventions spanning the lifespan.
  2. Law & Ethics: The ability to navigate legal and ethical quandaries within the practice of psychotherapy through a clinical and biblically grounded prism.
  3. Theory & Practice: Skillfully applying theoretical constructs to therapeutic dynamics for individuals, couples, and families.
  4. Diversity & Culture: A comprehensive understanding of cross-cultural complexities and interventions, addressing the kaleidoscope of human experience.
  5. Formation & Integration: A well-defined process of seamlessly integrating psychological principles with Christian ethos, underscoring the holistic connection between humanity and God’s grace, redemption, and purpose.

Integration and transformative growth converge in Life Pacific University’s Master of Arts in Counseling program, shaping compassionate, skillful, and proficient healers equipped to make an enduring difference.

The January cohort is forming now, and spots are limited.

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